Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh-Ho-Ho It's Magic!

Is anyone other than me old enough to remember that song?
When I saw the promo pics for OPI's latest Designer Series colours I knew Magic had to be mine.(I'm not so much for silver though) First of all,it's blue.As much as I rave about how much I love pink,red and purple,blue and green are right up there. (Also right up there? any variation of black.I'm odd.)

At first I was disappointed because Magic isn't a holo.However,it does have the same glass-fleck,glittery base as Dazzle and Sensation-with a very subtle duochrome pink flash,(more obvious in the bottle than it is on the nail).Still,I like this colour a lot.It's a gorgeous royal blue with sparkle.And I'm all about the sparkle!

Formula-wise it's great.Not as pigmented as I would have liked,but great. I have yet to have a problem with any of the OPI DS polish I own.(and I have at least 12) My only beef? How kick a$$ would this have been if it were a holo? We need more of those.

Indoors with flash 3 coats

                                                    indoors no flash under lamp

P.S. The Selena Gomez version of 'Magic' is just wrong. Pilot FTW!

I am a dork.

Have a Great Evening!

Ginger-Who is more blessed than I can even imagine :)


  1. Guilty. Yes. Ah "The Cars" gotta love um, I'm afraid that song has been my ringtone for over a year. And yes it should have been a holo.

  2. such a pretty blue. but i agree, it would have been nice as a holo. i had it on my wish list until i saw pics of how similar it was to one of the SH's. laser, i think???

  3. Magic is a gorgeous blue!Love it. Anxious to see new DS Series. At lease I will be able to buy them all.

  4. I heard the remake of "Magic" last time I was in The Body Shop. ICK!!! Pilot's version rules! I love this polish, but I still haven't decided if I am going to buy it. I'm not a fan of blues on me.


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