Thursday, October 28, 2010

List of The Week:Broadway Baby!

You all know I'm a complete nerd right? My nerdish fascinations,habits and hobbies have been well-documented on this blog.This weeks' playlist adds yet another thing to the list:Musicals.
I love musicals! When I was a kid I used to watch them for hours on TV.I've only ever seen one live, (Why,hello there,Into the Woods!),but there's something about watching people sing and dance about mundane things that makes me happy.

Here's my Broadway playlist.I tried not to pick the obvious-i.e. Cats or Rent-because I kind of hate them. : / (and I'm not ashamed to admit it)

1.Money (Cabaret)-Liza Minelli and Joel Grey Cabaret is a weird little musical (not to mention waay too adult for my 10 year-old self).I do love it so.

2.Worst Pies In London(Sweeney Todd)-Helena Bonham-Carter This song is gross,but Johnny Depp is in the frame so his lovely face distracts me from all the unsanitary grossness.

3.Defying Gravity(Wicked)-Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth Wicked is a fantastic prequel to the Wizard of Oz basted on the novel written by Gregory Maguire.To this day I maintain that the Wicked Witch of the West was a victim of racial discrimination and would have stayed good had she not been bullied. Can't we all just get along? Even the green folks?

4.America(West Side Story)-Rita Moreno and the Cast Screw Maria,Anita was the real star of this play!One of my favourite musicals ever. (even if my friend Matt does think it's cheesy)

5.We Go Together(Grease)-Cast Grease is the word.

6.Elephant Love Medley(Moulin Rouge)-Ewan MacGregor and Nicole Kidman Technically not "Broadway" but it's definitely a musical,and an awesome one at that.

7.Cell Block Tango(Chicago)-Catherine Zeta-Jones Renee Zellwegger and the Cast

8.And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going) (Dreamgirls)-Jennifer Holliday Does anyone remember the Fresh Prince episode when Will lip synchs this song to Uncle Phil? Just me then? Right.Moving on. Dreamgirls kind of irks me because it has sung dialogue.That is one of my pet peeves.Other than that,Dreamgirls is a classic.And while Jennifer Hudson did this-totally warbling and over-the-top-song justice,Jennifer Holliday owns it.

9.Home (The Wiz)-Stephanie Mills-Have you ever wondered what the Wizard of Oz would look like with an all-black cast?Well,The Wiz is your answer.It was on Broadway for decades and won 7 Tonys.Stephanie Mills originated the role of Dorothy,but was replaced in the film by the more-famous (and older) Diana Ross.

10.Springtime For Hitler (The Producers)-I love the premise of this musical;Produce a show that's sure to be a crass,tasteless failure and bank the money.Except,the audience loves the play (?) and it becomes a hit,turning your devious plan into a massive fail.Awesome. Also,the song makes me giggle because it is so wrong.

So do you have any Broadway/musical favourites? Another fave of mine was a box-office and critical fail but a cult classic; Xanadu.

I'm a nerd.

Have an awesome day!
Ginger-who is so happy tomorrow is Friday!


  1. i just listened to Home, lol. i like Stephanie Williams. she has some pipes on her.

  2. I love the older musicals, West Side Story, Oklahoma and South Pacific. They are my very favorites. Forgot The King and I. I got to see that in Philadelphia with Yul Brenner. So exciting!!!


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