Sunday, October 24, 2010

BB Couture Infamous Lovers Collection:Part III

Hello Everyone!
Today I am bringing you the Ladies half of the Infamous Lovers collection! Honestly,I can't tell which half I like more.The men's collection was so awesome that I wore every single shade within the first few weeks of owning them.That in and of itself is rare,as,I still have lacquers from 2 years ago that I haven't worn yet. (the first step in curing any addiction is acknowledging that there's a problem :P)

I've already shown parts 1 and 2.Part 3 is comprised of the the warm (ish) toned ladies.

swamp-olive green with iridescent green and gold glitter and pink shimmer
(wrongfully accused of causing her and Adam's eviction from the garden of Eden)

Yeah,I said it; wrongfully accused. Eve has been vilified forever,simply because Adam didn't have the wherewithal to question the wisdom of a talking snake.Most people say,"Well if Eve hadn't given him the fruit,they wouldn' have been expelled". In defense of Eve,she wasn't the one who promised not to eat the fruit,Adam was.That is why the curse didn't take effect until he ate it. So Eve is not to blame for the fall of man,because the promise was broken by Adam. So there.

What was I talking about? Oh right.Nail polish.

Eve is a beauty.While Adam is a duochrome brown shimmer,Eve is a duochrome green glitter.(woohoo!) both have lovely pink-red shimmer,which adds depth to an already jam-packed colour.This is so beautiful it makes my heart sing.

4 coats overcast natural light

mauve-taupe creme with sparse black and clear micro-glitter
(Powhatan Chief's daughter,saved the life of trouble-making explorer John Smith)

 This is a slightly different twist on a fall staple. No matter how often I see this type of mauve-taupe,I still want more.Pocahontas is interesting because it has pieces of clear and black micro-glitter interspersed with  a creamy base.I would have loved for the black glitter to be more pronounced because it kind of gets lost because of the thickness of the base.Still,it's gorgeous.A lovely work-appropriate neutral.

3 coats

Dusty-pink with sparse clear and black micro-glitter
(noblewoman,tragic heroine who died for love)

Pink! As much as I love my hot fuchsias and bubblegum shockers, there's also a place in my life for sedate,neutral pinks such as this one.It's more red-toned than most pinks,but it is very pretty and simple.

2 coats

Well,I hoped you enjoyed part III of the Infamous Lovers Collection.As I've said before,every colour is a winner.I'll have the cool ladies (as well as my thoughts on the entire collection) for you later on :0)

Have an awesome Sunday!

Ginger-who is feeling very uninspired at the moment and hopes that it'll pass.


  1. Eve looks wonderful and Juliet looks pretty

  2. I like Juliet the best. I am a huge fan of bright pinks as well but, I think Juliet is nice a well.

  3. wow! i swatched these awhile ago, they look so different on you! i really really like how Pocahontas pulls purple on you, just gorgeous!

  4. I love Eve!! I'm scared that it'll be too brown on me, but whatever, when I get a chance, I'm getting it.

    But it's still her fault, because God made them both promise. She knew she wasn't supposed to be eating from that tree, which is why she didn't eat from it until the serpent told her to. I feel like the only reason why the curse wasn't laid upon them until Adam ate it was because God was waiting to see what he would do when offered the fruit.

  5. All pretty, but my fav--Eve...who should have taken the talking snake to Adam and say 'hey, look at this one!'

  6. Eve is my favorite. I love my greens. Juliet is beautiful also. Love that dusty shade of pink. Pocahantas is amazing looking. I love that glitter. BB Couture can do no wrong!


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