Monday, October 18, 2010

BB Couture For Men Infamous Lovers Collection:Part II

Hello All!

I hope your weekend was well-spent.Mine was a wonderful,much-needed bonding time with some good girl-friends and excellent food. As promised I have Part II of BB Couture For Men's Infamous Lovers Collection! I actually had time to do my nails last week! Shocking.

These are the cool guys:

shimmery deep teal blue
(Roman politician,general and Cleopatra's main man)
Anthony is a jewel-toned beauty! He isn't as showy as his lady Cleopatra,but he's equally as stunning.

2 coats

Hunter-green jelly/creme
(Murderer,bank robber,lover of Bonnie)
I LOVE this colour!!!! BB Couture makes the best greens ever,and this is one of them.It's vibrant,glossy,and masculine.

2 coats


Dusty blue-purple with multi-coloured micro-glitter
(A very fortunate BB Couture employee.In love with Carla)

Michael mesmerizing! It looks a bit plain at first,but then you notice the tiny glitter particles and your opinion is completely changed.It  looks really purple on me,but it also leans towards blue.I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is in the indigo family.

2 coats

This collection is fabulous.The dry time is great--not lightning fast,but not slow either.The colours are all stunning,and the formula is top notch.The only colour that I had trouble applying was John Smith--and that's only because I didn't wait between coats for it to dry.I love every shade in this collection,but my hands-down favourites are Adam,Anthony,and Michael.And Clyde =) I also purchased the ladies set as well (what? I didn't want the guys to be lonely :P) and will be featuring them soon.Fingers crossed.

This collection is available for purchase at Overall Beauty and they retail for $9 each for 15ml.

Happy Monday!
Ginger-who cannot wait for Glee's take on the Rocky Horror Picture Show! Let's do the time warp.

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