Thursday, October 14, 2010

BB Couture For Men Infamous Lovers Collection:Part I

Hello All!
Today I'll be featuring part one of what could be my favourite fall collection this year. I purchased all 12 shades from BB Couture's Infamous Lovers collection,6 ladies and their coordinating fellas.I'll be showing you the fellas first,then the ladies.

These are the 3 warm-toned guys:

Greenish-brown with red shimmer.
(Named for the first man to royally screw stuff up for everyone.Definitely not the last)

Every bit as complex as its namesake.It shifts between brown and green,but the gorgeous red shimmer-that is obvious in every light-is what makes this one a stunner.Original,and awesome.

2 coats

John Smith
taupe/beige with sparse specks of black and clear glitter.
(Named for a trouble-making explorer whose life was saved by Pocahontas.They were NOT lovers!)

Now this is a neutral I can get behind! The glitter flecks are visible enough to create interest,but not distracting.The beige base is nice and manly and I could definitely see a guy wearing this.

3 coats

                                           Muted red with clear and black glitter
               (Named for a fictional hero who died to be with his love...maybe a little too soon.)

This is a perfect red for a man!It isn't too loud,it doesn't look "ladylike",and it's a stunning colour.This was one of the first colours I wore as a full mani and I absolutely adored it.So pretty.
                                                             2 coats
*note* this colour is darker and less-"pink" in person.I couldn't alter it without doing freakish things with my skintone :P

I love all of these.I kept forgetting that they were made specifically for men because they're all so beautiful! I can see why so many women--self included--love them. I also love the fact that they're edgy and masculine,so men can wear them without feeling too "girly".Not that there's anything wrong with that :)

I will hopefully have Part II for you tomorrow.

Ginger-who is not at all impressed with the new mail carrier.Putting MY mail in someone else's' box is a mistake you can only make once.


  1. BB Couture just keep producing the goods. This is a great little company. They have the BEST ideas.

  2. I'm so behind in getting the new BB's. These are really nice :)

  3. i didn't know they made a male line of polishes, but then i haven't tried any BB's. i think Adam is my favorite so far.

  4. I bought the whole collection also. First one I put on was Adam! It's gorgeous. I never think of men as wearing them since they're pretty. I've also worn Adam which is another hit out of the park! This company never disappoints me.

  5. They are all so nice and fit you well.


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