Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wild Thing:A Synopsis Told In Spam

Today I have yet another spam/story post. ScandalousAnge of Scandalously Polished requested/demanded that I do one devoted to the verbal stylings of 80s rap star Tone Loc.This was after she tweeted  a few lines from the song "Wild Thing" and inadvertently (or on purpose) got the song stuck in my head.Always game for a challenge,I accepted.Then I made the stark realization that in my vast collection,I do not own one single polish named 'Wild Thing'.Thus making the task of posting a spam story that much harder.

I've decided that rather than spam posting the lyrics of the song,I'll post a synopsis so those of you who haven't heard it will get the general idea.

I hope you like it!

The story begins at the end of a long work day.Our hero is on his way to the club looking for some...

Wild And Willing

young women to have an...

Erotic Night   


(what a prince.)

 He meets lots of ladies who are more than willing to do the wild thing with him.

(because after all,he is God's gift to women.)

They include a....

Dancing Queen


Bad Kitty

(......umm?I don't know what I mean by this either.)

and one

Dirty Mother

To the women in the song this guy is a dream,but to me he's a complete...


He reminds me of the d-bags I used to run into during my club days.You know,the ones who would buy you drinks,flash their money, and talk about how "special" they thought you were.

(Do I look like I was born yesterday a$$hat?)

Anyway, our young hero finally meets his match.(the aforementioned Dancing Queen). He launches into his usual rap,thinking that things will work out the same way.She'll fall all over him and then they'll go back to his house/limo to do the Wild Thing. Unfortunately for him, this chick expects to be paid for her services.

 So he does what any man who is used to getting lots of free affection from women would do;
He takes off.


The End.

This post featured:
Color Club in Wild and Willing
BB Couture in Erotic Night
BB Couture in Dancing Queen
China Glaze in Bad Kitty
BB Couture in Dirty Mother
BB Couture in Nightmare
and Rimmel in Shocking

And here's the song that inspired the post.Just a warning:it gets stuck in your head very easily!


Have a great evening!

Ginger-who spent the past 2 days mining her stash for appropriately named polishes for this post.I really should do a spreadsheet.


  1. LMAO! That was awesome. I knew you could do it.

  2. I knew you'd rock it! You're the effin best! I need 50$ to make you hollah I get paaaaaaaaaid to do the wild thing

  3. That was so good!!! You're so funny and creative.

  4. Man, this DOES bring back memories! I got to dance, on stage, TWICE, with Tone Loc. Yes, Ma'am! He was performing at Disney's opening of Paradise Island (now DownTown Disney). I told my friend if Tone invited people up on stage to start shoving my ass cuz I was on my way up! Both shows, I was up there doing 'Wild Thing!'

    So your post is awesome for not only the creativity that you put into it, but for helping bring back fun memories.

  5. WOW! that must have been A LOT of effort! Loved it!

  6. So fun! (And now I am wanting some more BB Couture.)

  7. You are amazing! I won't dare to play that video. Your not getting that stuck in my head. Oh, too late it's in there. Darn. Love all of the gorgeous manicures.


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