Friday, September 3, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

...For some layering!

I'm sorry,but as much as I  love and adore the colour pink,I could not think of any new and interesting ways to describe it.My brain could not handle yet another, "this is a gorgeous pink, blah...blah...blah."
 I was getting sick of myself!
Regular programming will resume tomorrow.Oh joy.

Until then,here's a pretty layering look I attained using Nfu Oh #O33 (a sheer iridescent pink micro-shimmer-brilliant for layering,but not on its own.),and Misa Total Eclipse of the Heart (a light blue-purple with an eggshell finish)

indoors ambient light 3 coats of Total Eclipse of The Heart,1 coat of #33

a macro shot of the shimmer :)

Seriously,how hot is that?

Total Eclipse of the Heart is lovely on its own,but when you add #33? Pure hotness.
I have a confession to make:I only use layering as a lazy way to save an old manicure. *hides*
I always feel a little guilty when someone compliments my nails because,other than trimming my nails once a week,using cuticle balm, and occasionally wearing a basecoat,I don't do much with them.My nail care regimen is surprisingly minimalistic for someone who is as into nails as I am.I'm an anomaly in more ways than one  :)
Now if you'll excuse me,I have a hurricane/tropical storm to prepare for. *shakes fist at Earl*
I pray the power doesn't go out.

Happy Friday!!!

Ginger-Is nonplussed.


  1. GORGEOUS. Hope Earl isn't too bad for you honey!

  2. ooh that is nice..purplycolor.. yeah i understand the pink thing. my blog is all about pink nail polish.. but i don't post 2 pinks right after each other... bc i think they all tend to blur into each other.. and then i get confused about my pink stash.. lol be safe in the weather conditions! hurricane is scary...!

  3. I love it!

    I'm your new followers.

  4. I never layer my polish:( I'm gonna have to give it a try. I'll be switching out my Summer polishes for my Fall ones today so I'm gonna check to see what might look good together. Thanks for the idea:)

  5. I will definitely join you in hiding my head. I just start opening drawers and containers looking to slap something on. Lately it's been Hidden Treasure. It doesn't cover everything. That's a gorgeous polish and the layering polish is superb. Shimmer is good! I'm glad Earl just blew away. Didn't hit here in NJ.


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