Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sally Hansen XtremeWear Spam (Pic Heavy!)

Hello All!
 I am still avoiding my seventh and final pink week post,in case you were wondering.
I just can't bring myself to finish it.I'm also a little disturbed because most of the pinks I've featured are in the same colour family.Apparently, fuchsia is my preferred shade of pink.
I am so predictable.

I recently found the latest SH Xtreme Wear collection of glitters,shimmers,and foils at the drugstore. Initially I only purchased 4,but I decided to purchase 2 more on a separate visit.
The words impulse control do not exist in my world ;P

Aaand here they are!

Cosmic Blue
Medium indigo shimmer base with regular and bar-shaped holo glitter *phew*
2 coats

In a word:Amazing! It looks like more of a royal blue in the pictures,but it's indigo.What I love about this polish is the visibility of the glitter.In spite of the opacity of the base,the glitter rests above it instead of being covered completely.And let's be honest,who in their right mind would want cover up glitter?

Cherry Punch
Cool red shimmer with regular and bar-shaped holo glitter
2 coats

Cherry Punch is basically the red cousin of Cosmic Blue. If not for the holo glitter,I would have passed by it completely.It's a good thing I'm a sucka for sparkles.

Purple Fiesta
Dusty purple shimmer with regular and bar-shaped holo glitter.
3 coats

Sally Hansen must have had buckets of spare glitter lying around!This is the third polish of four using the stuff.I'm not complaining though,because this is beautiful!The shimmer base matches one of my Overall Beauty mineral eyeshadows (Metal Rose) perfectly!As Niki would say,this is made of win!

Mystic Lilac
Lilac-mauve with green shimmer
2 coats

That's right,green shimmer! This is another one I judged solely based on its initial appearance.Most of the colours in this collection are jewel-toned,so in comparison a dusty mauve is kind of "meh".Then I took a good look at it and saw the green shimmer particles.That was enough to sell me.This is one of my favourites! It's work appropriate,yet flashy at the same time.My pictures do not do it justice.

indoors under lamp no flash

indoors in light box no flash
indoors with flash
the true colour of Mystic Lilac is somewhere in  between the first picture and the third :P

Purple Gala
A purple foil with purple,silver and gold shimmer.
3 coats

My absolute favourite from this collection. If you decide to buy any of these,Purple Gala should be on your list! It is insanely sparkly and gorgeous,and you will not be disappointed! I've heard that it's comparable to Hard Candy Mr Wrong,but I don't have Mr Wrong so I will not be able to compare them.
(wal-mart sucks!) Whatever.Purple Gala is pretty enough on its own.  

indoors indirect sunlight

indoors with flash

Blue Icing
Silvery-blue metallic with regular and bar-shaped holo glitter.
3 coats

I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did.At first I thought it was a frost (and you all know how much I *love* frosts) Upon closer inspection I noticed that the base was more metallic than it was frosty.Thank God. I really didn't want to get rid of this one because I really like the base colour. I don't know why,but it reminds me of winter;cool and glacial. Lovely.

indoors indirect sunlight

Overall,I really like these.The brushes were OK.Not great,but not horrible either.The formula was kind of thin on all of them though, and usually took 2 to 3 coats to achieve opacity.Most  shades can get by with just two,but Mystic Lilac and Blue Icing definitely need a 3rd to cover bald spots.
The only reason I did most of the swatches with just 2 coats is because I did them later in the evening when I was supposed to be asleep.
 (yay for laziness!)I like all of the colours,but Cosmic Blue,Mystic Lilac,Purple Gala,and Purple Fiesta are my favourites.Blue Icing earns an honourable mention,and Cherry Punch was redeemed by the glitter.It just isn't interesting enough without it.
Sally Hansen is slowly getting back into my good graces again.I've been holding a bit of a grudge against them since they discontinued the Prisms and Chromes lines,but if they keep coming up with interesting ideas-i.e. flakies a la Hidden Treasure,and adding holo bar-glitter to everything, they might just win a spot in my top 10 brands.

Sally Hansen can be purchased at most drugstores and big box department stores and they range in price from $1.99-$5.99,depending on the store.

Thanks for Stopping By!

Ginger-who can now add 'Tropical Storm Earl' to the list of things that ruined my weekend.


  1. I just saw these at Walgreens and Mystic Lilac caught my eye, but it looked thin. I think I'll be going back! Thanks :P

  2. Mine still doesn't have these! WANT Purple Gala and Mystic Lilac. I could pass on those bar glitter polishes....I think! Hahaha. Yes, MADE OF WIN. I love that phrase!

  3. love how u end ur posts :D i hope i can find these shades in singapore! love the purple foily one and the holo glitter one! :D

  4. i'm still looking for these. my Walgreens is right on schedule with being late to get the new line in. i'll probably have them in November, lol.

    sorry your Holiday was ruined. thanks for the swatches!

  5. I of course need all of these! Those purples and blue are most beautiful!! They all look gorgeous on you. I hope I can find them around here. Sorry for your weekend.

  6. i am still looking for these! great swatches, i had not seen so many in one spot yet, so thank you! i will make mystic lilac MINE!


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