Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playlist Of The Week:Breathing Songs

It's List of The Week Time!
When I posted my first playlist, AggiePigeon commented that she also liked to listen to songs with the words, 'air' or 'breathe' in the title while jogging.I erroneously thought I was the only person who did this.(other erroneous thoughts: "No one else likes nail polish as much as I do" Hah!) This is just one of many jogging playlists in my mp3  player. It's totally random,but it suits me :)

1.Breathe-Fabolous-I'm always whining about how rap was sooo much better when I was younger.(It was,but that's beside the point) Anyway,this is one new school rap song that I really like.

2.Breathe Me-Sia-Every so often, a song is chosen to be the designated 'Romantic-Drama-Movie-Trailer-Song". This was in at least two movie trailers last year.But it's a great song, so I like it anyway :)

3.Breathe Anna Nalick-I have a love/hate relationship with this song because it was played incessantly at work.I'm back to love though,because the 'hate' spot was taken over by any song by Susan Boyle.

4.Breathe-Pink Floyd-A classic.Not a "jogging" song by any means,but I make it work.

5.Feel It ( the air tonight) Naturally Seven-Normally I'm kind of iffy about mash-up covers,but this one is okay.The remarkable thing about this song is,it's done with no instruments.NONE!

6.Breathe-Prodigy-An aggro song if I've ever heard one.My mother hates this group (band?) with a passion.I on the other hand,love them.

7.Atlas Air-Massive Attack-Yeah,I love Massive Attack.That's All.

8.Breathe-Telepopmusik-I think the actual title of this song is 'Another Day'.Whatever.It's one of those cool lounging songs.I imagine it gets a lot of play from the hotel DJ at Club Med.(Does Club Med still exist?)

9.Machinehead-Bush (simply because the first lyrics of the song are "Breathe in,breathe out,breathe in")

10.Breathe-Michelle Branch-Is a little twee for my liking,but it's also upbeat and perfect for a grueling jog uphill.

11.Walking On Air-Kerli-I first heard this song on 'So You Think You Can Dance'.It's trippy,but I like it.

12.Just Breathe-Pearl Jam-Included because Eddie Vedder is awesome.

Honourable mentions:
Air-Bach-The actual name of this song is 'Air On A G-String',but that would be far too many shades of wrong.This isn't a jog-friendly song,but it's lovely and soothing.

Breathe No More-Evanescence-My favourite emo band! That isn't a dig, I really do love them.

So do you have any breathing/air songs to add to the list?

Happy Thursday!
Ginger-who is stunned by how quickly the week is going by!


  1. I think the Telepopmusik song is just called Breathe, at least in my itunes library ;) I've never noticed how many songs I absolutely loved that were titled breathe before! Ha.

  2. Since I'm way over 30 I don't know most of these songs. I probably have heard them I just don't remember the titles or the people who sing them. Even lyrics are hard to understand. I do love Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd! Yay, someone I know. Love your lists.


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