Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection Spam

Hello All!
Today I have a few of the shimmers from OPI's Swiss Collection.(I know,you've seen these all before.But, you haven't seen them on me! ha ha) I only purchased 4 colours,but I'm debating whether or not I should buy more-in spite of the fact that I've already gone over my nail polish budget for the fall season.(I'm waiting for the winter collections to "drop") The Swiss collection isn't my favourite fall collection this year,but it does have a lot of beautiful colours.

Here are a few of my favourites!

The Color To Watch

The fact that I can't add a "u" to the word colour is bugging me.Anyway,this is a beautiful iridescent lilac shimmer with blue flash.This looks waaay more purple on me than I've seen it on other people.Odd. This was one of my must-haves in spite of its sheerness (not a word,but who cares?) It's a strange pick for fall,but I really like it.

4 coats

Diva of Geneva

I know I sound like a broken record,but let me just repeat how much I love colours like this! Diva of Geneva is a jewel-toned magenta shimmer that is just...brilliant! I will never get sick of this shade of red-purple.Just lovely.
3 coats

Yodel Me On My Cell

The name cracks me up.I don't think all Swiss people know how to yodel.Then again,I'm obviously not Swiss,so I could be wrong about that.I digress,YMOMC is another beauty.It's a rich aquamarine-blue shimmer that sparkles in the light. Loves it.
3 coats

Cuckoo For This Color

Well,yes.I am.
(that was corny!)
It's a beautiful Emerald green shimmer so naturally I love it.In my opinion OPI is the King of reds,but they have also brought us some amazing greens.Cuckoo For This Color is one of them.(I do realize this is almost an exact dupe of China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald,but I'm OK with that.Both are gorgeous.)
3 coats

I think this collection would have been a favourite if it wasn't for all the freakin' reds! I know red is an OPI mainstay,but where's the orange? Orange is great! Pumpkins are orange! Leaves are orange! Sweet potatoes are orange! Fall is orange! Is it too much to ask to have at least one orange polish next year? Please?


Anyway, *sheepishly*  I like this collection a lot.

Have a wonderful evening ladies!

Ginger-who is both amused and annoyed by my blind devotion to cheesy reality shows.


  1. These colors look so much better on you than they do on me! They really look great with your skintone, esp The One to Watch!

  2. I agree, they do look incredible on you.
    Especially Diva of Geneva. I hemmed and hawed over it, but I think I want it now. LOL!

  3. i'm not a green person but cuckoo is really pretty. so is the colour to watch :)

  4. Love these shades on you. The greens are wonderful. I was also annoyed that these aren't reall Fall shades. Where are the oranges and golds. I know there are red leaves but come on OPI. Too many reds! I've watched Housewives on New Jersey. Can't wait for them to start again. (hides face in shame)

  5. I should got Diva of Geneva. I picked up Ski Teal We Drop and Glitzerland.


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