Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NYX Girls Pure Red Pearl

I have to admit I was drawn to this colour based solely on the swatch.(dangerous,I know.) The website made it look more duochrome-y that it is in real life and I was a little disappointed when I saw it in person.Still,Pure Red Pearl is a beauty.It's a cool red with a frosty shimmer base.Frosty finishes are my mortal nail polish enemy,but I can definitely do frost/shimmer hybrids.

They aren't nearly as tacky.

NYX Girls is a fairly new brand to me.Normally,I'm a creature of habit so it'd rare for me to branch out and try new brands.Blogging and reading blogs has introduced me to so many brands I'd never heard of! (it also brought me out of my, "OPI-or-nothing" nail polish discrimination) At an affordable $3,NYX Girls is becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands. The formula is good,the brush is good,and it's not "break-your-bank" expensive. A winning combination if you ask me.

3 coats, indoors ambient light source.

I'm definitely getting into a fall frame of mind.The one good thing tropical storm Earl did for us was to break the ridiculous heat-wave that happened in the last two weeks of August.I hate being hot,I hate sweating,and I hate humidity.For two solid weeks I dealt with all three. Yuck. Summer always brings the heat. (not to mention a plethora of inappropriate and tacky clothing.) But Fall brings a certain crispness to the air.It's warm but with a bit of a chill;the perfect season for hot apple cider,pumpkin lattes and fuzzy sweaters.
I love it.

So what do you guys think of Pure Red Pearl? I personally love it because it is in the same red family as another fave OPI Affair in Red Square =)

Have a great evening!

Ginger-Who very much looking forward to the upcoming TV season! Summer television makes me angry.


  1. I have always loved red polish. This is one of those 'hot' reds. It's adorable on you. :)

  2. That polish looks wonderful on you. I have quite a few NYX polishes. I like most of them. Their flakies aren't very good.


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