Saturday, September 25, 2010

NOTD:OPI Bling Dynasty

Hello All!

How's your Saturday going?

My NOTD is one of my favourite golds ever.
Bling Dynasty was released as a part of OPI's Hong Kong collection.It's a foily shimmery gold and it is fantastic! I have yellow undertones so golds are always flattering on me,but there's something about this one that is just dazzling. I usually wait for full sun to take pics of shimmers, but Bling Dynasty looked just as gorgeous in overcast light as it did in the sun (which,as luck would have it,made an appearance shortly after I took these photos.Of course it did.)

The formula was perfect.I only have 4 colours from the Hong Kong collection and none of them gave me any trouble.They dried quickly too. I also think that OPI makes one of the best brushes in the business. I know the pro-wide brush isn't for everyone,but when you have big wide nail beds as I do,the width of the brush is just the right size to cover my entire nail. Can't argue with that.

indoors no flash ambient light
2 coats

indoors with flash

So did you pick up Bling Dynasty? If so,what did you think? I personally,love it. Partly because of the colour,finish and formula, and partly because of the punny name :)

Have an awesome evening!

Ginger-who is seriously questioning ABC's idea of what qualifies someone as a "star".Last time I checked, stars had to have a discernible talent. (You know,other than giving birth to a million kids or getting knocked-up by your high school sweetheart.) The show 'Dancing With The Stars' has become its own punchline.(The athletes,singers and actors are ok,but reality TV personalities? Spare me.)


  1. so pretty on you! this kind of gold looks like baby poop on me =(

  2. I don't watch DWTS, but I totally agree with you on their choice of 'personalities'. Who next? Michael Vick?? >:(

    Now, to the matter at hand...your hands! That gold looks incredible on you! Very much worth investing in. :)

  3. Yess I bought Bling Dynasty. It was the only one that I really wanted...I got Jade is the New Black, but that was just because everyone thought it was cute. It was, but Bling Dynasty is still my favorite. It's the only yellow gold that looks good on me, and I love the name.

    It looks fabulous on you too!

  4. The only polish I bought from this collection was Jade is the New Black. This is a beautiful gold. I have many golds and they all look different. I love DWTS and yes I agree that reality people are not stars!


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