Friday, September 17, 2010

My Happy Friday NOTD

Hello All!
It's Friiiiday!!!!!!
I'm sorry.I love Friday.It's easily my favourite day of the week,if just for the fact that it gives me two days away from my whiny coworkers.(Have you ever seen a group of grown women complain incessantly about nothing? That's what I get to witness every day at work. Not cute.)

Today I'm wearing Misa Traveling Minstrel.It's one of their older colours so I don't know if it's core line or limited edition.I do know that it's a great colour for fall.It's a dusty magenta with blue-violet shimmer.The shimmer shows up really well in the bottle,but is quite subtle on the nail.It doesn't really show up unless you're in direct sun.(which I'm not because it's been raining since yesterday.)

I have a few Misa polishes,(at least ten or so) and I'm always really impressed with them.The bottles are beautiful (and square!) the formula is nice,and the brushes are great.I have yet to have a problem with any of them. I love it when I don't have anything bad to say :)

3 coats overcast light,no flash

I haven't been around much lately because work is ridiculously busy at the moment.As soon as my body gets into anything resembling a resting position,it's "Lights out,Ginger!" Last night I went to bed at 9:55 sharp and didn't wake up until 6 AM the next morning.That is unheard of for me.

Everyone at work is a little freaked out by how calm I am.I think they're expecting me to go "postal" and start setting things on fire in a fit of rage.I just tell them that life is stressful enough without having to worry about work.Besides,I don't get paid enough to stress about my job.Stress is for the people who are hoping to make their annual bonus at the end of the year.I'm just a chick, working full-time so I can save enough money to; a) Move out of my parents' house without having to get roommates (I know from experience that I need my own space),and b)pay gobs of money to get myself a degree.In something.Even mime. (ok,that was a joke.Mimes don't even like mime.)

So yeah,I'm happy it's Friday.

Have a great day!

Ginger-who is also happy because I got nail-mail today!


  1. man, i wish i could sleep like that. 3 nights in a row i got to bed at 11:30pm (i get home at 11:00) fall asleep pretty quickly, then wake up at 3:00am. insomnia no fun!

  2. your nails are so freakin pretty. seriously. gorgeous.

  3. Love Misa polishes. This is a really lovely shade. I've had the worse week sleeping. I've slept about 4 hours or less each night. Today I have a nervous body! If I could run as fast as the wind I would feel better. My nerves are going crazy. Have a good weekend.


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