Friday, September 10, 2010

List Of the Week:Songs With Awesome Videos

Hello All!

It's List of The Week Time!

I know I could be all obvious and include Thriller,or Video Killed The Radio Star, or Vogue.Instead I'm going to feaure videos that are slightly more obscure.Because I'm weird like that :)

1.Rabbit in Your Headlights-Unkle The first time I saw this video my first thought was,"What the...?" It is by far,one of the best videos I have ever seen...and one of the strangest.

2.Perfect Drug-NIN This video (directed by Mark Romanek-who is awesome-btw!) is visually stunning.Every frame looks like a gothic painting (and is that absinthe he's drinking? Classic.) It also doesn't hurt that Trent looks like Severus Snape for most of it.I love Severus Snape!

3.Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden-One of the creepiest videos I've ever seen.(It's those freaky doll eyes!) I love it though.

4.Visages Tristes-VAI -I really hate videos that make me cry.This video contains archival news footage from the war in the Middle East (I believe it's the ongoing battle between Palestine and Israel-but I'm not sure) Needless to say,I was a bawling mess before the video even ended.It's a great video,but it does contain disturbing images of war.

5.Clap Your Hands-Sia-Sia is amazing.This video is whimsical,cute and fun.

6.Joga-Bjork-My favourite tiny eccentric singer aside from Prince.This video showcases the cool Icelandic landscape and Bjork's hauntingly beautiful voice.

7.Galvanize-The Chemical Brothers Two words:Krump Clowns.

8.Island in The Sun-Weezer-I love this video because, has kittens! and puppies! and a giraffe! It's happy and funny and cute.(And a welcome change from some of the more depressing vids on this list) Spike Jonze for the win!

9.Get UR Freak on-Missy Elliot-I remember how everyone LOVED this song when it first came out.Missy has an entire catalogue of crazy,innovative and interesting videos.I chose this one because of the fantastic choreography.

10.B.Y.O.B.-System Of A Down-I love this song because the hook wouldn't be out of place in a fun R&B song.But then you realize that the song is a serious anti-war statement. No shock that it was written during the Dubya Bush era.

11.Cochise-Audioslave-More Chris Cornell! This time in the super-band,Audioslave (featuring 3/4 of Rage Against the Machine and 1/4 of Soundgarden) I have one thing to say about this video: MORE FIREWORKS!!!!

12.True Romance-She Wants Revenge-Love the song.The video is strange,but good.

Can you think of any songs with great or memorable videos? Let me know in the comments!

Ginger-who is thankful it is Friday.It's supposed to be sunny,and I have some swatching to do!


  1. Black Hole Sun came out when I was pretty young and that video seriously = nightmares.

    I love that you mention Sia, her videos are always really simple but sweet. Her video for Soon We'll Be Found is one of my favorites.

  2. Blind Melon, No Rain...


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