Thursday, September 16, 2010

List Of The Week:Earworms

Hello All!
 It's List of the Week Time!

Today's playlist is entirely devoted to earworms.
What is an earworm,you ask?
Well, an earworm is an unscientific name for any (annoying) song that gets stuck in your head for an extended period of time.Sometimes for days on end. (see the "official" definition here)
Earworms are usually catchy,have easy to remember lyrics,and are relentless in their plight to annoy the crap out of you.I've compiled a list of some of my most recent favourites.

Play at your own risk.

1.Dragostea Din Tei(A.k.a. the Numa Numa song)-O-Zone -The fact that I don't speak Romanian hasn't prevented this song from being stuck in my head on more than one occasion.Damn catchy Euro-pop!

2.Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-Wham -Yeah,you know you're a child of the 80s when...Anyway,this song was stuck in my head for two days.It was precipitated by my decision to wear ChG's Jitterbug as my NOTD.Good ol' Wham! I'm still wondering how I didn't figure out that George Michael was gay back then.He was wearing neon booty shorts! BOOTY SHORTS!

3.Teenage Dream-Katy Perry-It's a good thing I like this song because I've found myself singing it at the oddest times.Like at my Nana's house.Or in church.There's something about cheesy pop songs that makes them excellent earworm material.This song is no exception.

4.F*ck You-Cee Lo-I can't even bring myself to type the word.I personally don't think I'm cool enough to pull off an f-bomb so I never use it in real life,but I must say this is the happiest "f-you" song I've ever heard.Which is why it consistently gets stuck in my head. Ain't that some ish.

5.It's Me Snitches-Swizz Beatz-The original title is 'It's Me B*tches',but 'Snitches is more radio-friendly.(also,isn't Snitches the title of a Dr Seuss book? oh wait...that's Sneetches.My bad.)

6.24 Hours - The Aston Shuffle A-Bomb Remix -Terry Poison-I actually like this song.If the song played in my head the way it does in real life I wouldn't have an issue with it.Unfortunately for me the only part my brain picks up is when she says,"Conquest!" So rather than the entire song I hear the word conquest in an endless loop.Awesome.

7.It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time-This is just mean.What's with the baseball bat? and why would peanut butter and jelly need one? It's freakin' weird and annoying.But that didn't stop me from singing it whenever someone said either 'peanut butter' or 'jelly'.

8.Chelsea Dagger-The Fratellis-I don't even know the words to this song.For some reason the only part that gets stuck in my head is the "Dum-da-da-dum-da-da-dum-da-da-da-da-dum", part.The Chicago Blackhawks play this at home whenever they score a goal.It's all their fault.

9.I'm On A Boat-The Lonely Island feat. T-Pain-Andy Samberg is one of my favorite SNLers but I seriously wanted to punch him in the face for helping write this song.It was stuck in my head for an entire week. A WEEK!

and last but not least,the mother of all earworms...

10.The Song That Doesn't End-Lamb Chop's Play-Along-I still love this show.This is by far the best (and worst) earworm in the history of earworms.I hate it and love it at the same time.

You're welcome ;)

Have a Happy Thursday!

Ginger-I've got a nautical-themed pashmina afghan!

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  1. I have been singing no. 4 all the time lately.


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