Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emerald City

Hello All!
Whenever I hear the name Emerald City,I always think of two things:Number 1 is the Wizard of Oz,and number 2 is Oz (the graphically violent and profane prison show.believe it or not,I was a fan.)

I now can add a third (or is it the fourth? I think I have a SH Xtreme Wear with the same name.) , Emerald City to my list courtesy of Revlon.This was the first colour in the matte/suede collection that caught my attention.
(Of course it was,y'all know about my love affair with the colour green.)
It is a beautiful emerald green with a luscious suede finish. I love this colour! The formula was great too. I've always been a fan of Revlon because they have been a "think outside of the box" brand from the very beginning. They did a chrome line,an iridescent line, and of course the famous (and highly sought-after),Street Wears.
 Man,I miss those.
Just when I thought Revlon was heading back into "safe and boring" territory,they go and release this collection.
There's also a shimmery matte white,and two matte reds.I think I might need to buy them all.

3 coats indirect sunlight

So how is everyone today? My day went pretty well,in spite of me spilling nearly 3/4 of a bottle of BPAL Snake Oil on my jeans.I didn't have time to change them, so I went around smelling ultra-perfume-y.
(That's me,pissing of scent-sensitive folks since the 80s.)
My coworkers compared the scent to everything,from cinnamon,to baby powder,to Play-Doh.
 (At least I didn't stink :P) Oddly enough,I was most flattered when I was told I smelled like Play-Doh.
In case you didn't know it already,I'm a strange bird.

So what do you think about Emerald City? or perfume? or Oz?
Let me know in the comments!

Have a nice day!

Ginger-who is going to have to replace the bottle of Snake Oil that I carelessly spilled this morning.I'll just grab a few extra dollars from my money tree.


  1. that polish is pretty! That's funny about your perfume incident, that sounds like something I would do lol

  2. Gorgeous colour, I love green polishes.

  3. I love emerald city on you.

    actually there are fun fragrances by demeter- such as play-doh or some classic drinks/cocktails (i think it was something with gin)

  4. I've been looking for this collection with no luck yet. I was an Oz fan also. Some great actors in that show. I still see some actors and yell "Oz guy" when I'm watching TV. Some gross happenings but a wonderful show. Wizard of Oz a movie I can watch forever. There was also a club here in NJ named Emerald City. Never went there. I wansn't the clubbing type. That polish is gorgeous. I can still cry when I think of those Street Wear polishes. Toad and Drab were my favorite greens.


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