Sunday, September 26, 2010

BB Couture Dark Tommy

Hello All!
Today I have a gorgeous vampy from BB Couture. (I love this brand!) I have always loved "so-dark-they're-almost-black" lacquers and Dark Tommy is another stunner.It was released this summer, (insert ironic exclamation point here) as a part of BB Couture's Saints of Ruin collection,named for the Gothic-rock band (you can check them out here).Each colour in the collection is either named for a song,an album,or a band member,and trust me, each shade is beautiful!

Dark Tommy is a blackened brown creme with subtle shimmer.I have an entire drawer full of vampies but I have nothing that closely resembles this colour. It's a lovely dark brown that actually looks brown.
It's awesome.

2 coats indoors with flash (the shimmer is most apparent here)

                                                     indoors,no flash (see? still brown.)

I've mentioned how much I love everything about BB Couture many times before,so I won't gush at length about their awesome colour selection (especially the greens!) their flawless formula,or their respectable price of $9 per bottle (especially for such a high-quality product.) What I will tell you is that they are available to order from a wonderful proprietor of things that make you look and smell pretty.
And that they do ship overseas.Not to mention their outstanding customer service-it's one of the reasons why I don't mind spending money there.

Speaking of spending money; I recently received both genders of the Infamous Lovers Collection.(Hey,my spending philosophy has always been "Go Big or Go Home!") I will feature both collections in full as soon as I get some decent photo-taking weather.

The Lads from L to R:

Romeo,John Smith,Adam,Clyde,Michael, and Anthony

The Ladies:

Juliet,Pocahontas,Eve,Bonnie,Carla,and Cleopatra

So far I've worn Eve,Adam,Romeo and Clyde as full manis.All of them passed the "I-only -have-20-minutes-to-paint!" test,as well as the "I-spend-8-hours-a-day -punishing-my-nails" test. In my book,that makes both sets winners.

But you already knew I was going to say that didn't you?

Happy Sunday!

Ginger-who showed restraint and only purchased four of the new OPI Burlesques.A girl's gotta have some limitations.


  1. Excellent color. I had no idea how rich looking it is. I just picked up my first two BB Couture's from Overall BEauty...I'm stoked!

  2. GAH, that looks so HOT on you!

  3. You know youre killing my wallet.

  4. I've worn Romeo and Bonnie so far. I bought the whole collection. They are the best and most beautiful greens. I also have the Saints of Ruin collection. I haven't worn any of those yet. That is gorgeous on you. I'll have to find my bottle soon.


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