Thursday, September 2, 2010

7 Days Of Pink:OPI Aphrodite's Pink Nightie (A Frost!)

I have just one thing to say about this polish: Ewww! There must have been a sale on.That's the only reason I can think of for purchasing this colour. I'm a sucker for sales because OPI costs $11.50 CDN before you add the 15% sales tax! Anyway,while Aphrodite's Pink Nightie is a pretty shade of pink,the finish is balls.(that's right,I said it.)

I HATE FROSTS! I hate them with an all-consuming passion. Frosty nail polish to me is like frosty lipstick;dated and tacky. It always makes me think of a "beauty consultant" I once had the misfortune of meeting. I was browsing the nail polish section,as I often do,when she swoops down from her perch and says condescendingly,"You do know that OPI costs $9 each right?" Really lady?,really? $9 is a drop in the bucket for me. What on earth did she mean by that?
 I stared at her garishly made-up face and responded,"Oh,they're cheaper here.When I buy them at the salon they're $12." She grimaced at me and walked away.
 As I took in her bright purple eyeshadow,frosty pink lipstick,and frosty pink nailpolish I wondered how she ever got a job advising people about appropriate make-up choices.

(That was totally mean, but I stand by it.)

So here it is, a cool-toned pink frost. It's black label OPI so the formula wasn't bad, but it was as brushstrokey as all get-out! I had so many strokes and ridges that trying to fix them would have only made things worse.

I think I should give this one to my mom.

3 coats,indirect sunlight

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie was released as  a part of Greece collection of 2004.It's not my favourite,but if you're into it I'm sure it's still available.Who am I kidding? Even my nan would pass on this one!

Have a Happy Thursday!

Ginger-who is sweltering because of the unseasonably warm weather.It'll cool down...just in time for hurricane Earl to hit! Good Times.


  1. Couldn't you tell that this would be frosty? I don't own this one. Glad you've swatched this so I wouldn't be tempted by the pink! You poor thing. You better pass this one on to your Mom.

  2. although its a frost, its still really pretty :)

  3. I have this one too, and always look at it in my stash like it's offensive, LOL! But I will prob never get rid of it. I know exactly where mine came from ... the 60% off basket at Regis, LOL! I don't care HOW ugly it is, if it's 60% off, I'll probably buy it. LOLOL!!


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