Monday, September 6, 2010

7 Days Of Pink:Nicole By OPI Nail Ya Azalea

Aaand we're back to pink!
The final pink is yet another fuchsia glass-fleck.I can't seem to get enough of these! In spite of my aversion to Nicole by OPI's butt-ugly "clubbed foot" bottles I have quite a few of them. Nail Ya Azalea (hehe) was released sometime in the late spring/early summer.It's a gawjusss shade of pink,with iridescent pink glass flecks.I'm in love with it-even if it is a PITA to store properly.

indoors no flash
3 coats
indirect sun no flash

Formula is comparable to that of its big sister brand OPI,minus the pro-wide brush.If you can tolerate the horrid bottle design,Nicole by OPI has a really good colour selection.This brand is available at most major drugstores as well as big box stores like Wal-Mart.The price varies between $7-$9 depending on the store and the country.(I've seen them for as much as $11 here in Canada)

I was originally going to post this on Saturday,but a)tropical storm Earl caused my power to go out,and b)I got kinda bored with writing about pink.Plus,I bought the new Xtreme wears on Saturday (Yes I did venture out in hurricane force winds to buy nail polish! Don't you judge me.) and I wanted to show those first.Aside from having to live with no power for 12 hours,"hurricane" Earl didn't treat us too badly.It stopped raining around 3:00,and by 4:00 it was sunny.

 I expected more from you,Earl.

Well,to all of those who are celebrating,Happy Labour Day! (Happy Labor Day! in American) I hope you have lots of fun, and get a nice restful day away from work.

Ginger-who accidentally typed the word "complaining" as "com-palin-ing" yesterday. Was it a mistake or a Freudian slip via keyboard? Thoughts? ( I already posed this question to Niki on twitter and she thinks it could be freudian slip :P)


  1. Where did you get this Ginger? I saw Scrangie's swatches and DESPERATELY wanted Rent-a-Magenta (I wanted this one too). I wrote to Nicole, and they said these were Target exclusives, and there were no plans to released them in Canada! GRRRR!!!

    Still, even through my intense, blinding rage, I can see your swatches are gorgeous! Such a beautiful color. :) (I'm kidding about the rage, but I was pretty disappointed. At least I was able to get China Glaze Endurance, and that looks really close to Rent-a-Magenta.)

  2. Michelle-LOL! Thank you...I think ;)I don't think these are Target exclusives because I bought mine at Shopper's Drug Mart a few weeks ago.I hope you find them-they're lovely :)

  3. Thanks Ginger! I hope I find them eventually, it takes so long to get new polishes here. Last year, we got the new Sally Hansen spring December.

  4. Hi!

    Love your blog and wanted you to know I gave you the Sunshine Award for it:)

    The award post is here:

    And it includes a link to your blog and your blog home page is featured in the vid above the award:)

    Have a beauty full day!



  5. Another beauty! I think the bottles look like a headless duck. They are strange. I have 2 polishes of Nicole that I found at Dollar Store. Thanks to your wonderful pictures yesterday I sent my girlfriend out to find those Sally Hansen's! She found the ones you showed plus more. Love them all. Your my enabler.


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