Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 Days Of Pink:L.A. Girl Rockstar Paparazzi

"I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me..."

I only love this song because Alexander Skarsgard is in the video :)


Today's pink is brought to you by L.A. Girl's Rockstar collection!

Paparazzi is a glorious fuchsia pink jelly with glass-flecky shimmer. While I love the colour (not to mention the price), the opacity leaves a lot to be desired.I used 4 coats here and there is still VNL! That is not good. I don't like high-maintenance nail polish.If I can't get it done in 2-3 coats,I usually don't bother.I'm impatient that way. Other than that,the polish is fine.It dried quickly and applied well-even if it did take 4 coats.

indoors indirect sunlight

indoors ambient light

Fuchsia pink is one of several colours that I always feel the need to buy.No matter how many variations,tones,shades and finishes I have I always feel compelled to buy more.My collection of pinks needs its own drawer! I don't think that will stop any time soon.

So which colour(s) do you obsessively collect?

Ginger-who just got her package from Scandalous yesterday! She rocks (in case you didn't know that already!)

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  1. You are so pretty in pink! My collection of greens need there on drawer also. My collection is a mess right now. I love the Rockstar Collection. I haven't tried this one. I hate when polishes are too sheer. Guess you have to put another light pink under that one!


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