Monday, August 16, 2010

What On Earth Is A Manbug???

I'll tell you what a Manbug is! It's a delicate and lovely light turquoise jelly with gold iridescent glitter.Manbug was released by BB Couture in a collection of 6 (equally gorgeous) spring colours, aptly named The Ladybug Collection. Personally,I have a very low tolerance for insects and will usually kill them on sight,but I do love spiders and I think ladybugs are adorable.

Oh,and apparently a "manbug" is a black ladybug.

Good to know.

Formula-wise I have no complaints.The coats go on a bit thin,but I expect this from a jelly so that's nothing new.It takes 3 coats in total to achieve bottle colour,so if you have an aversion to visible nail lines,this might not be the finish for you.It dries a little bumpy,but that is easily taken care of with a nice topcoat.

3 coats

Manbug and other pretty polishes can be purchased directly from BB Couture here, or from the wonderful people at Overall Beauty here (they ship internationally!)

So what do you think of manbug? Is it a hit or a miss?

Happy Monday!

Ginger-who has so much to do,but not nearly enough motivation to do it :-/


  1. For me it was a miss on my nails by itself but I would love to find a polish to try it over.

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  3. who bugs you ??? ;) just kidding I love this color, for more opaque result use it over 2 coats of essie turqois and caicois :)

  4. i love the color in the bottle and its in my wear it soon line - i will try it over turquoise and caicos per crystalisiousss suggestion

  5. I think this would look so pretty layered over something also turquoise! it is a pretty jelly though!

  6. This is GORGEOUS and I love it on you! So pretty.

  7. I haven't tried this one yet. I have the whole collection. This looks lovely on you. Such a soft pretty green. I don't mind the bumps!


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