Friday, August 20, 2010

A Vampire Story As Told In Spam

Hello All!
I thought I'd switch gears today and try something different.
I've only ever done one of these on MUA,but I figured I'd try a hand at blogging one as well.
This will either be a massive success or a huge failure...Wish me luck!

Vampires: A Cautionary Tale (Told in Spam)
By E. Ginger

Fraternizing with vampires can be a ...

Fatal Affair.

Sure,they might look and act like...

Prince Charming

But make no mistake,they're only after one thing...


Not an...

Erotic Night

(though they do enjoy those on occasion-have you seen True Blood?)

Vampires are first and foremost, blood-sucking demons and  no

Kiss of True Love

will ever change that.
(In spite of what you've read in recent "vampire" novels!)

Suck on that,Bella!

So if you see one sauntering towards you,no matter how handsome or kind he may seem,

Just Walk Away Renee!

or Ginger,or Niki, or whatever your name might be.

If you don't you'll get a...

Love Bite

that you will never fully recover from!

The End.


Misa Fatal Affair
Orly Prince Charming
NYXGirls Blood
BB Couture Erotic Night
BB Couture Kiss Of True Love
Deborah Lippmann Just Walk Away Renee
Misa Love Bite

and the creative stylings of Miss Ginger.

Can you tell I have too much time on my hands?

I decided to include this simply because a picture of this guy  on twitter was my inspiration to do this in the first place :D
You're welcome.

Have a wonderful day!

Love,Ginger-who still maintains that real vampires a) have fangs,and b) don't sparkle!
 *shakes fist at Stephenie Meyer*


  1. I love you and your Spamytales rule!

  2. You are brilliant! I am very much jealous. More please!

  3. This was the awesome. Love it.

  4. Ooooh MADE OF WIN!!! I freaking love this!!
    But, you knew I would. :P

  5. Love your vampire nail tale! Your nails always look so gorgeous. Eric doesn't need to sparkle. He smolders (fanning self) and is dead sexy. Can't wait for Sunday night. It's also about time that all of the blood is being shown. I don't think vampires are all that neat as in other movies. Did you see the cover of Rolling Stone? (faints dead away).

  6. That was so good I had to stop lurking and say thank you! :)

  7. EvilAngel-Thank you! I love you too!

    Ice Queen-Thank you! *bows*

    Mighty Lambchop-You are brilliant also,My Dear.I'll see what else I can come up with :)

    AggiePigeon-Thank you!

    L-Thank you! I knew you would :)

    Nicole-Thanks! Of course I knew you'd love it! Your RT of that Eric/Bill pic is what gave me the idea in the first place.You're partly responsible for this :)

    Lucy-Thank you :)I'm in 100% agreement with you!I don't have that channel anymore so I have to watch online,but that cover is awesomesauce.

    Teresa-Thank you and you're welcome :)

    Scandalous-I love you too.


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