Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shut Up And Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Full disclosure time: I only bought this polish because of the name.I'm not the biggest Katy Perry fan,but "Waking Up In Vegas" was one of my favourite songs last summer. (on the other hand,her new hit,"California Gurls" can stick it-even Snoop can't save that one :P) When I found out that Debora Lippmann was creating a namesake polish,I was all over it. It is gorgeous!

Take a look!

indirect sunlight

ambient light indoors no flash

It's a putty-grey creme that is definitely more grey than putty.Formula-wise it's flawless.It's almost a one-coater! I say 'almost' because the amount of coats you need depends on how neatly you apply it.Sloppy,heavy-handed painters like me will almost always need a second coat to even out the mistakes.One-coater or not,this colour is still a win =)

My purchase of WUiV was pretty timely,seeing as how it was EVERYWHERE just one week later!(including the cover of Vanity Fair).I haven't always loved grey nail polish, *hangs head in shame* but WUIV is one of the best I've tried.This might not be every-one's cup of tea,but it's definitely mine!

I purchased this colour here,but it is also available for purchase on Deborah Lippmann's website.Unfortunately,they don't ship outside the Continental U.S. :(

So what do you think about Waking Up in Vegas?

Love,Ginger-who is frequently reminded of how closely work mirrors elementary school.Complete with the bullies,the cool kids,and the outcasts who are probably the most interesting people in school.(oh wait...we are!)


  1. Oh, this one is amazing for sure. Love how it's not entirely grey. For me it looks like a...kinda comfy colour. Too bad I can't get it here

  2. Gah, you just made me want this more than I already did! SO gorgeous on you.

  3. I love how you wear the colours that I thought I couldn't pull off - lol you're an inspiration to everything but my bank account!

  4. nice!!!it looks great on you. i was weary of wearing grey too ( i REALLY love wearing color). i was thinking of getting this color a while ago, but i ended up getting playa del platinum instead.

  5. Of course after I placed an order this came out! Next order I will be buying it. I just saw the bottle and was on the fence about it. You just made me jump over the fence! Definitely love it. I wonder if it will make me look sickly. Looks yummy on you.


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