Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sally Hansen Salon Fairy Teal with A Guest Appearance By Hidden Treasure

So,I'm not a fan of the new SH Salon bottles,but the selection of new pretty colours kinda makes up for the odd bottle design. Fairy Teal is one of their newer offerings. It's a bold,medium teal creme that's kind of fantastic.Teal has been one of my stash staples ever since I started collecting nail polish at age 10.Mind you,very few drugstore brands offered teal at the time, but whenever I saw any polish that wasn't red or beige,I was all over it.

I've been disappointed with Sally Hansen over the years.They've discontinued some really gorgeous collections,(i.e. Prisms) and when they do release great ones,they're only available in certain areas.I still have yet to see any of the Tracey Reese line,Opulent Cloud still hasn't made its way to No-Man's-land, and we'll probably get the latest HD's next year.Grrr!Argh!

Bearing that in mind,I was stunned when I walked into a drugstore and saw the elusive Hidden Treasure in all its glory.I had given up all hope of finding it.I even ordered Nubar 2010 so I'd have something comparable to HT's gorgeousness.
There were only two bottles left in the (ugly) display and I purchased them both. I know you're all sick of these,but here's 1 coat Hidden Treasure layered over 2 coats  Fairy Teal.


I've already worn HT several times over different colours.They work particularly well with OPI's Suedes,a fact I discovered by accident while deciding which topcoat to wear.I grabbed HT by mistake and slapped it on over YDKJ suede.It was subtle,but pretty.

Do you have Hidden Treasure? If so,what is your favourite layering combination?

Have a great day!

Ginger-who is wondering if I should invest in a 4th plastic storage drawer.I already have 3 full ones :-/


  1. Teal is one of my favorite colors, I'd kill for that Sally Hansen polish! It looks absolutely amazing on you, and HT on top makes it breath taking.

    I don't have Hidden Treasure unfortunately, as it's not available in Sweden. :(

  2. This looks beautiful on you!! I'll have to check to see if I don't have this one already. Love the Hidden Treasure over it. I usually will slap Hidden Treasure over something that's showing some tip wear.


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