Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello All!
I hope you're having a great weekend.Mine's going great-mostly because I know I don't have to go to work on Monday :)

Here are a few random looks from the past few weeks:

BM03 with China Glaze Foxy and TMI.
This is the result of me experimenting with analogous colours.I was originally going to use a shimmery orange-red,but I decided that the coral holo of TMI would be more interesting.The flowers are totally crooked,but it looks intentional so I like it.

Maybelline Express Finish Summer Splash
This is such a gorgeous colour! It's a vibrant aqua blue creme and the only colour from the Salsa collection that I felt like buying.The only drawback? It gave me smurf nails :(
2 coats

Zoya Erin
I have a bizarre form of lacquer narcissism that compels me to buy any colour with my name or nickname.I bought Quirius Erin Island and Zoya Ginger for that very reason.So I was definitely thrilled to find out that Zoya had a polish named 'Erin'.Unfortunately for me,my namesake polish is a super-sheer nude-pink glitter.Don't get me wrong,I like sheer polish and all,but Erin took me 5 coats to reach opacity!It's a good thing this gal has some sparkle,otherwise she would have been left on the shelf.Apparently,Erins are high-maintenance in all of their forms ;)

Well,That's All Folks!

Have a great evening!

Ginger-Who is forever being amazed by the kindness,generosity and support our community of nailbloggers extends towards one another.You guys rock!


  1. 5 coats?! No way! That's crazy!

  2. I have my namesake Lucy by Zoya. It's a sheer like the one your wearing. I bought it but haven't worn it yet. I was so disappointed but bought it anyway. Why are we crazy like that? Erin looks gorgeous on you as does Foxy. The flowers look fine to me.


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