Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random List Of The Week:Cover Songs I Love

A Few of My Favourite Cover Songs (In no particular order)

1.Hurt-Johnny Cash (original artist-Nine Inch Nails) This cover is so amazing I heard that Trent Reznor no longer performs it in concert.I can't say that I blame him,Johnny Cash is a pretty tough act to follow.

2.Running Up That Hill-Placebo (original artist-Kate Bush) I love Kate Bush,and this cover does the song justice.

3.All Along The Watchtower-Jimi Hendrix, with honourable mention to Bear McCreary's version (original artist Bob Dylan) I didn't even know this was a cover until I watched a documentary about Bob Dylan! I prefer Jimi's version of the song,but Bear McCreary does a great version of it as well.

4.Billie Jean-Chris Cornell (original artist Michael Jackson) Only Chris can take a slick pop song and turn it into a brooding lament.I never really noticed how sad the lyrics are until I heard this.

5.Wild Horses-The Sundays (original artist The Rolling Stones) Haunting and melodic.Definitely not as brash as when Mick sings it.

6.Lately-KCi and JoJo (original artist Stevie Wonder) These boys can saaaang! I love Stevie's original,but this is a good cover.

7.We Can Work It Out-Stevie Wonder (original artist-The Beatles) Stevie takes pop-rock and makes it funky.

8.Tainted Love-Marilyn Manson (original artist Soft Cell) ...and Marilyn Manson takes a synth-pop classic and makes it twisted.

9.Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley (original Artist Leonard Cohen) This song is just gorgeous.Leonard Cohen is one of Canada's best poets and this is one of his most famous (and most covered) songs.In my opinion,Jeff Buckley did it best.

10.Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Israel 'Iz' Kamakawiwo'ole (original artist Judy Garland) This song radiates peace.It's so soothing. I love it.

11.Something About You-Anthony David (original artists Level 42) A soulful acoustic version of an 80s hit.Why isn't this dude famous yet?

12.Here Comes The Rain Again-Amanda Stott (original artist-The Eurythmics) I love the original,but this version is good too.

13.(Hit Me)...Baby One More Time-Travis (original artist-Britney Spears) I didn't think ...Baby One More Time was a good song until I heard this version. When all of the production bells and whistles are stripped away,it's actually a really sad song of regret.

14.This Woman's Work-Maxwell (original artist-Kate Bush) I love me some Kate Bush. She really does write beautiful songs.Maxwell's amazing voice suits it perfectly.

15.Imagine-A Perfect Circle (original artist-John Lennon) A dark,moody version of John Lennon's hopeful,idealistic classic. It's completely different from the original, but just as good.

16.Hard Sun-Eddie Vedder (original artist Indio/Gordon Peterson) This is pretty true to the original,but I love this song (and Eddie Vedder) so I'm including it.

17.One-Apocalyptica (original artist Metallica) Whether you're using guitars or cellos, One is a beautifully arranged song.I love it.

18.Stairway To Heaven-Rodrigo Y Gabriela (original artist Led Zeppelin)Pure awesomeness.

19.Mad World-Gary Jules (original artist Tears for Fears) I admit,I didn't know about this song until I heard it in Donnie Darko...and that Gears Of War commercial (how great were those!) It's both lovely and really sad.

20.Dull Flame Of Desire-Bjork (written by Fyodor Tyutchev) Okay,so technically this isn't a cover.It's a beautiful poem that Bjork has turned into a five-minute song.I just included it because I like Bjork.

So do you all have any favourite covers? Do you approve of the ones on this list? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have a nail post tomorrow :)

Have a great evening!

Ginger-who credits my parents for introducing me to different types of music.It makes for a well-rounded collection.


  1. ooh you have good musical tastes! i'm going to have to check out some of these artist i haven't i trust your judgement.. i love rodrigo y gabriella,bjork, stevie, nin, c. cornell, I LOVE JEFF BUCKLEY's VOICE ( i kind of think his voice is the male equivalent of nina simone's lol).. and l.cohen's...lyrics!!! i think we are music buddies! as you can tell i love music as well as np!

  2. Love the cover of Hurt. Sounds like pure anguish. You have some fantastic musical tastes. I just watched a bio of Jimi Hendrix last night. What a great musician! I saw him in concert and he was so amazing. That's how old I am! I was in high school when I went to see him with friends. I also love KD Lang's version of Hallelujah. It's hard to pick my favorite. I also love this version of Over the Rainbow. I've always hated everyone's version till this one. Thankfully a friend put this on a CD for me. I haven't heard the other version of Stairway to Heaven. I love Zeppelin's version. I also heard that in concert. That was the second bio I watched last night.

  3. yes that johnny cash version was breathtaking (so was the video), wow my dear northern friend we have a lot of the same favourite songs hence i added a u your posts i really love the BAND(4 Canadians+ 1 arkansas cutie) who started out as Dylans backup never again have i heard such a great group of men harmonizing. geez love your posts

  4. Pretty-Thank you and Yay! I agree that Jeff Buckley's voice is the male equivalent of Nina Simone;both have a rich quality to them.I don't know what I'd do without music or nail polish!

    Lucy-YOU SAW JIMI HENDRIX AND LED ZEPPELIN IN CONCERT!? I'm jealous! They're both awesome. There are so many great covers of Hallelujah,but this is my favourite.Over the Rainbow is a really hard song to cover because everyone will always compare it to Judy.This one takes it and makes it completely different but still great.

    aaminah's mom-Thank you :D Isn't it? and yay,for adding a "u"! That's a really nice shout-out :)The Band is fantastic.Robby Robertsonis one of the best musicians to ever come out of Canada. You're a wonderful person with great taste in music <3


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