Friday, August 13, 2010

Quirius:Purple Passion

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm featuring a colour that I wanted to buy,but opted out at the last minute.I instantly regretted my decision until my QRS haul showed up.You see,the nice folks at QRS always include another polish as a free gift. (Another reason to love them!) Imagine my surprise when my freebie turned out to be Purple Passion! It had my name on it and everything! I was thrilled.

Purple Passion is a freakishly bright red-purple neon.It's awesome.It did take 3 coats to achieve the bottle colour,but really,I don't mind because it's so fun and cheery! I only have 2 purple neons in my stash,and the other (China Glaze Purple Panic) is more pink than purple(I've heard there are 2 versions of this.Can any of you confirm it?).
Purple Passion deftly straddles the line between both colours without going over.
The formula was pretty decent for a $3 polish.It was a little thin,but not runny.The coats levelled out evenly and dried to a matte finish.I tried wearing just two coats but there were still bald spots,so I definitely recommend three.Whatever.This polish cost THREE DOLLARS!!!For the price of one Illamasqua or Butter London, you can buy five of these! FIVE!!! Sure, one could argue that one HE polish is better than ten inexpensive ones.But with the economy in limbo,I'm all about getting more with less.The fancy brands are good as a treat,but for every day polish use, save your money!

colour is not 100% accurate,it's darker and brighter in real life :)

This colour can be purchased here for THREE DOLLARS!!!

So what's new with everyone? I'm currently on vacation.(and loving it!) Work has been chaotic for the past few weeks,so I'm glad to be at  home right now.I plan to do a lot of sleeping.

Have a wonderful evening!
Ginger-who is trying (and failing) to get her diabetic father to STOP EATING SUGAR! Great. I'm the Sugar Police.


  1. That is HOT on you! Love it. I bet you're enjoying your vacation!

  2. I've never heard of them but that color is absolutely beautiful! Off to investigate, lol.

  3. That colour looks fab on you.

    My husband is also in a diabetic father/sugar battle. Guess who is winning... lol

  4. That is a gorgeous color on you. I am definitely going to check out there website. Girl I know what you mean about feeling like the Sugar Police my aunt is diabetic as well and always trying to eat stuff she knows she can't.


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