Sunday, August 1, 2010

OPI At Your Quebec And Call

I remember how jazzed I was when OPI released this collection. In spite of the fact that they completely neglected my home province of Nova Scotia in favour of three colours devoted to Ontario,two named for animals,and one named for a place that is mostly in the U.S.  (Glacier Bay? Really?) One of my favourite shades from this collection just so happens to be named after one of my favourite places in Canada:Quebec.

This antique olive green shimmer is the perfect namesake for one of Canada's coolest provinces. I've been there several times and I'm always struck by how each region has a completely different feel. Quebec City is old world European;beautiful old buildings, and cobblestone streets.While Montreal is hip,edgy and fun.(with more strip clubs and smoked meat shops than I have ever seen in one place!) It's no wonder I always feel like a dowdy outsider when I'm there.Everyone is so beautiful and impeccably dressed. Even the men.

When I visited a friend in Rimouski, I was immediately reminded of my own small town.I had only been there a few hours,yet everyone in town knew about "Nathalie's friend from Nova Scotia". I was also reminded of how horrible my French is,despite 13 years of teaching, the best I could do was,"My name is Erin.Where is the bathroom?" You can get away with speaking just English in the bigger cities,but in the small towns you'd better have a phrasebook or else you're screwed.

If I ever left my home province to live anywhere,it would be Quebec.I love the scenery,I love the people,and I love the energy.While I'm still a country girl at heart,I'd totally leave it all behind to live in an awesome city like Montreal.

indoors no flash ambient light

I'm pretty sure AYQAC has been discontinued,but I know of a few etailers that might still have it.Or if you prefer to do a little hunting, you could find it in some random discount or beauty supply store.It's definitely worth checking out.

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-who also loves the French accents :)


  1. i have this too :D totally pretty and classic ;)

  2. I really want this colour! (I live in Montreal!)


  3. Interesting. I could never get away with this color though - wrong skintone.

  4. Love this polish. I just bought it this year. I'd love to visit these cities. I've read how beautiful it is. I had French in school and failed miserably. Beautiful shade on you.

  5. Jamie K-Isn't it? One of my favourite greens ever!

    Smita-I LOVE Montreal!!! I'm so jealous :)

    Millie-I find that colours like this are hit or miss.I can usually war most of them,but if they're too murky they look strange.

    Lucy-Thank you :) I bet it looks gorgeous on you! I was pretty good in French,but I didn't practice so I've lost everythng I learned.Quebec is a gorgeous province.You should visit sometime :)


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