Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old School:OPI Ponce De Lilac

The year was 1996.I was 15 years old and having a day of pampering with my mom.We ate lunch at a nice restaurant,went shopping, and got our hair done.While at the salon, I spied a pretty lavender with pink shimmer on the nail polish display. I immediately bought it-in spite of its $12 price tag-and went on my merry way.

(I also bought a Soul For Real cassette tape and lots of clothes,but that's neither here nor there.)

After several years of use,my one bottle of Ponce De Lilac was, a)almost gone, and b) goopy. I made the heartbreaking -for me, anyway-decision to let it go.I disposed of it by using the remains to paint an old jewelery box.

Fast forward 14 years.

I've been checking ebay periodically to see if it's still available.The good news is that it is...for nearly 4 times what I'd originally paid  for it. Two words: Hell no!

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw it on a non-evil website for $14. SOLD!
The colour itself is pretty.It's not unique,or flashy, but it's feminine and classy.( i swear i didn't mean to rhyme those :P) It's also really sheer.It took me four coats to achieve this look and  I still could have used more.
To tell you the truth,I purchased this purely for nostalgic reasons.This colour will always remind me of how much fun I had hanging out with my mother that day. Whenever I wear it,I'm instantly taken back to when I was a young nail polish addicted teenager, constantly hearing my mother say,"You know, it's not normal to have that much nail polish!"

Some things never change :)

this is taken in overcast light so it really picks up the cool reality it's pinker and warmer than this.

Do you have a polish (or several) that reminds you of a special day? Let me know in the comments :0)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the colour!
    hmm, somehow I cannot remember whether I own ''that kind of nail polish'' *goes searching*

  2. Awwww. I love the story. For me it will always be "rainbow painted fingers" with absolutely random polishes and golden and peach estee lauder lacquers. ah yes, the electric pinks too! my mother owned these but almost always used amazing browns...

    The colour is gleaming! So luminous, tender and... soft. Love it.

  3. Another pretty nail color! What a great story!

  4. Oh, you know I've been tripping down memory lane recently myself. It started with OPI Pearl of Wisdom, which reminded me of so many 90's polishes, and then all of the pastels reminded me of some of my favorites, and finally this last week was Asphyxia.
    In a way, this reminds me of Asphyxia. It's so soft and pretty. I'm glad you found it for a lower price, that's wonderful!

  5. ♪♪Every Little Thing I Do...♪♪ You took me all the way back with Soul For Real! So glad you found it... It's very pretty on you.

    I feel the same way about this little known polish call Miss Marion's - Garnet (a real pretty red). Not sure if it was just an L.A. thing but everybody was wearing this back in the late 80's, early 90's.

  6. Loreal Rose Potpourri. That was the polish I was wearing the day my son was born.

  7. This is really pretty. Love it and have never seen it. That's a really nice story. My polishes were always bought with my Mom at a store named Clover. Well the majority were bought there. Here poor credit card used to get a workout. I always bought Revlon nail polishes. I used to have about 30 polishes when I was younger. That was way way long time ago! I don't even know if OPI was out then! It wasn't available to me till I was working. Revlon Red is still my favorite red. I used to buy whatever was available. I always liked the deeper shades. Some polishes I bought in drugstores and also Grants another store. Grants and Clover are all gone now. I dropped lots of money in those stores. They were like KMart and had everything.

  8. New Years Eve of the Millenium. I was wearing Nicole by OPI Gilda's Dream. forever etched into my brains.

  9. OPI Take it for Granite is my all time most wanted to have again polish. For me, the year was prob 1995, I was 16, and my mom brought home this cool ass polish that looked JUST like your nails were painted with liquid pencil lead. It was DOPE. I waited the requisite month or 2 for her to forget she bought it, then I stole it! LOL! (I mean, she could have had it back if she ever asked for it, lol, but that was my mom, buy something quirky and forget all about it) I loved that polish for years and years until it disappeared out of thin air. Turns out (and I JUST found this out a couple months ago) that a friend whom I should have NEVER rented an apartment with took it after our explosive falling out which resulted in me moving out. If I could have reached through the phone and slapped her, I would have!!! Luckily for her, I now live 1000 miles away, lol. It's going for 40 friggin bucks on ebay, and I honestly wonder if it's even REAL considering the seller has more than 10 available ... suspicious, no?


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