Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nfu Oh 116

In my (always) humble opinion,Nfu-Oh creates some of the best holos,flakies, and jellies I've ever seen. And thanks to #116 I can now add shimmers to the list. Ladies,this one is gooorgeoussssss! I know I say that about nearly every colour I've featured on this blog, (me,repetitive? no way!) but it's true.

In spite of it's extremely boring name, #116 is anything but.It's a rich magenta with purple,blue and pink shimmer.I loved it so much that I didn't want to take it off.That my friends, is extremely rare. The funny thing is, I wouldn't have any idea about this colour if I hadn't ventured outside of the flakie/holo numbers, (37-66) .So if you ever get the chance to buy from Fabuloustreet, check out the shimmers and foils as well. You won't regret it.

indirect sunlight,3 coats

overcast light

indirect sunlight

The formula on these is good. A little slippery,but good. This colour,(which I've renamed 'Sexy Magenta') looks ok with 2 coats,but I like it much better with 3.

So how is everyone this week? I'm a little sad because my vacation is ending soon, but I'm glad to have something to do besides think.
Thinking always gets me into trouble ;)

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Ginger-who is not going to buy any more nail polish until September 21st. Unless it's for someone else :)


  1. That is indeed gorgeous! I love such colors and it looks great on you as well :)
    Just wish Nfu.Oh was a little bit cheaper, then I'd have a lot more :)

  2. Soooo pretty!! Aww, sorry your vacation's ending!!

  3. Wow. That is HOT on you! No surprise that Nfu Oh does shimmers right too, haha!

  4. Beautiful shade of magenta! Nice to know about their shimmers. You always look so gorgeous in these pink shades.

  5. Shiny-Thank you so much :) I agree, they cost about $13 Canadian so I only buy them as a treat...otherwise I'd have tons more!

    Leeblee-Thank you! Me too.I didn't miss work at all.

    Nicole-Thank you,Hon!I'm pretty sure Nfu-Oh can do no wrong! I just wish they were cheaper.

    Lucy-Thank you :)I do love a good pink! and I love every Nfu Oh shimmer that I've tried.


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