Saturday, August 14, 2010

Music:My Favourite New Artist

Oh,How I love Janelle Monae!
I love how she's a cross between James Brown,Grace Jones,Prince and Lauryn Hill.I love how she wears suits instead of hoochified straps of fabric (or metal),I love how she has her own sound.I love how her videos are all mini movies (and not of the "holy crap that's weird!" variety) Most of all,I love how she's made it OK for brown girls like me to be our quirky selves.There's much more to music than being the R&B "flavour of the month." You don't have to be half-naked to be sexy,and you don't have to sound like everyone else to be current. Awesome :)

I'll have a nail post later today :)

Happy Saturday!
Ginger-who is craving baked goods,but is too lazy to bake them : /

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  1. I just saw her on the TV show You Think You Can Dance. Wow! Love her sound, suits and fantastic dancing. I'll have to look her up on YouTube. Gotta write down her name. Otherwise it will fly right out of my brain. Thanks for putting her on this post. I forgot to write down her name when I was watching her. God I enjoyed the singing and dancing!


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