Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Pink!

Hello All!
I just noticed something; for a blog entitled Pinkginger's A Thing of Beauty,I don't feature the colour pink very often. I should rename this blog Green Ginger's A Thing of Beauty,or Purple Ginger's A Thing of Beauty because those colours have appeared way more than pink! I should hang my head in shame :-/
I'm hoping to change that,so for the next 7 days I will be featuring pink exclusively.

Today's pink is Zoya Hayden!

I purchased Hayden because I thought it would be good addition to my collection of Barbie pinks.It's a light-pink neon with a mixed bag of gorgeousness;a shimmery pink base,silver micro-glitter,and iridescent blue shimmer.It's lovely!
I wore it while doing errands and received tons of compliments, and it was the spark for a very involved conversation with a lady at the post office.
She complimented me on my colour choice and started telling about her love for nail polish.
It turns out,she's a manicure fanatic,who cannot leave the house without painted nails.
(a woman after my own heart.)
We talked about colour trends,and how we both valued well-manicured hands and nails. I was *thisclose* to shouting "Look! Starry Starry Night!" to see if she was a diehard,but I chickened out :P

I don't know about the rest of you,but the hands are one of the first things I notice about a person.
If a person has awesome make up but their hands are torn up,I always wonder why they couldn't take the time to-at the very least-buff their natural nails to make them look pretty.
Perhaps it's because hands are such a priority for me.My job isn't conducive for maintaining beautiful nails,(i.e. if my nailpolish lasts the entire day,I count myself blessed),but I manage to do it.

Then again,not everyone is a nail polish fanatic with oodles of spare time either.
To each his own :)

3 coats indoors ambient light source

Zoya's formula was great as usual.It didn't give me any problems at all.The only thing I'd say about this colour is that there's still VNL at 2 coats.This isn't a problem for me,just an observation.

Zoya products can be purchased on their website for $7. (international readers can purchase them on ebay)

So what do you think about Hayden? Is she a hit or a miss?


Ginger-who is a fan of pink in any shade or finish.Except frost.Yuck.


  1. i like it, very nice. i never get to meet anyone who is as much of a nail fanatic as myself, so feeling kinda jealous here (hahaha.) ;)

  2. i notice hands a lot more now that i'm into polish. it used to be eyes first, then smile.

    anyways, that's a gorgeous color on you!

  3. Hi!
    I'm your new followers.

    so sweet! :)

  4. Great color, and it looks fabulous on you!

  5. I like GreenGinger! This is a very pretty shade. I've never seen this one swatched. I also look at peoples nails. Unkempt nails of either sex is disgusting. I abhor dirty nails. I could just gag looking at them. It doesn't' take long to use a nail brush and then clean under the nails with a orange stick. I was taught to wrap a small amount of cotton around the orange stick and then dip it in peroxide to clean under the nail. Also during a manicure to dip it in the soapy water. I've always noticed hands from when I was little. I couldn't even shake a mans hand once because he had small feminine hands. Just creeped me out. I guess because my Dad had large well shaped hands that I thought were manly. Well that's off topic but I'm tired and should have gone to bed 8 hours ago!

  6. GerryBerry-So far,she's the only one.I have met a few that are marginally interested.My best friend is interested in nail polish,but not to the same degree as I am.

    Enamel Girl-Thank you!I notice a person's eyes and smile first as well,but for some reason I can't overlook messy hands.

    Oje Delisi-Welcome!

    Shiny-Thank you :)

    Lucy-I like when men have "manly" hands.I do not like dirt,blisters,or hang nails.A man with tiny feminine hands would creep me out.It would seem very out of place.I work around dirt all the time but I always take time to make sure my nails are clean.It isn't that difficult.


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