Monday, August 23, 2010

Misa Spam

I'd never heard of the brand Misa until last year.Since then,I've added quite a few to my collection. I really like them because they're good-quality and affordable.Plus, the bottles are square,which means they're super-easy to store. Bonus!

Ben Her

Hmm...interesting name.It's a play on 'Ben-Hur', the epic movie from the late 50s starring Charlton Heston.What a weird name for a polish! I have no idea which collection Ben Her is from,but it's pretty. It's a mermaid blue iridescent shimmer.The shimmer is actually greenish yellow,but it's not visible because of the harshness of the natural lighting.I may swatch this again to give you a better idea of how it looks.

3 coats

Pretty in Pink

This one was a disappointment.I bought this expecting it to be a fuchsia-pink shimmer.What I got instead was a coral-pink jelly.Blah. Despite my love for pink,Pretty in Pink is a miss.

5 coats.


Total Eclipse of The Heart


I love Bonnie Tyler.


Anyway,I bought this one because of the name :P
 Total Eclipse of the Heart really surprised me.It's a light-purple with a really different finish.
 I was expecting it to dry glossy,but it has more of a plastic/matte finish. Actually,it reminds me of the eggshell finish of paint;not quite matte,not quite glossy. I'm typically a shimmer gal,but this ended up being my favourite.The colour is nice and bright,and I couldn't stop rubbing my nails because of the finish.Whoa,that sounds weird,but you know what I mean...i think :-)
2 coats

So have any of you tried Misa yet? what are your favourite colours?

Have a great day!

Ginger-who may or may not be watching old episodes of MTV's Road Rules dubbed in Russian. I need another hobby.


  1. Nice spam. I really like Total Eclipse of the Heart. And I, too, am rather new to Misa. I only own a couple but I'm wanting to increase my stash.

  2. I haven't seen Total Eclipse swatched before. It's gorgeous. I'll have to get it. I love Misa but don't have a lot of them. Bottle is fantastic. My favorite is Ghetto Fabulous. I think that's the name. It's another gorgeous shade. Ben Her is a really pretty blue. You not crazy about a pink? You must be feeling sick. It looks pretty on you.


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