Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun With Bundlemonster

When I heard all the noise about bundlemonster plates on the NB,I deliberately avoided them. Why? because is my kryptonite.I love books as much as I love nail polish,so a site totally devoted to the sale of books is very dangerous for me. (I only work at a book store to support my habit!)
Eventually I caved and bought the set,( hey,17.99? I know a good deal when I see one!) but not before adding 2 books to my cart as well.

Old habits die hard :P

I must say, I really like the BM plates.The designs are interesting and cute,and they transfer well.My only complaint is how insanely sharp the edges are! Stamping isn't so fun when you've sliced your finger open. I had to tape mine to keep them user-friendly.(the plates,not my fingers ha ha)

I'm not the neatest stamper in the world,but I wanted to show you a look I did using BM plate 21,Zoya Nidhi and Konad white special polish.



Well,I like it.

If you're into stamping I highly recommend picking these up.(If you haven't already,that is)
You get a set of 21 plates for 17.99! That's an excellent deal in any country.

So what do you think of Bundlemonster?

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-who has spent all of the money in her make up fund this month! Y'all know what that means...NO-BUY! Crap.


  1. that is a great deal and so many options! very cute design :)

  2. Shoot, I'm trying to avoid getting into nail stamping cause I have a bad habit of collecting things I nail polish. Must...resist....

  3. Ohh I love the nails. It's all swirly and baroc-y lol ;)
    I haven't bought anything from bundlemonster, but I definatly should!

  4. A beautiful pattern and gorgeous color of polish. Love all of those Bundle Monster stamps. I don't have any and I'm also afraid of the same thing as kittypolishnbags!


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