Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Color Club Ultra Violet

The pictures are kind of icky,but the colour itself is a thing of beauty! Ultra Violet is am awesome purple neon with blue iridescent shimmer.Try as I might,I couldn't fully capture it on camera (you'll find it swatched better on other websites ) Trust me,it's stunning!

I love Color Club lacquers because they offer a wide variety of colours,and they're inexpensive.Sometimes inexpensive nail polish gets the "short end of the stick" because it's assumed that they are poor quality.Color Club debunks that myth by providing excellent quality at affordable prices.Which is why I love them so :)

indoors 3 coats

indoors ambient light source

Ultra Violet is part of the Electro Candy Collection and is still readily available.
Yeah,I don't have anything else to say.

Have a great day!

Ginger-who is currently in the process of  doing an inventory of her stash.Oh.Dear.God!


  1. I just love this color, and Color Club in general - I totally agree with you about the price of polishes, I've found some real treasures even at a lower price point! This is gorgeous on you.

  2. i like the price point of CC's too. i need to try out more of them. unfortunately i can only order online :(

  3. This colour looks fantastic on you!

  4. Love Color Club and this shade is gorgeous! Looks really pretty on you.


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