Wednesday, August 4, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Part II

Hello All!
As promised, today's post is devoted to Part II of the Cat's Meow set.This time I'm showing you the cool end of the colour spectrum.

Emerald Fitzgerald

A blue-toned emerald green with a frosty shimmer finish.I love the name of this one because it's so cute (and not in the cloying,punny way that OPI names are cute! luv you OPI!) I love green so this was going to be a hit for me anyway,but the depth of this shade is what makes it special.It has the appearance of silk! So gorgeous.

First Class Ticket

A deep royal purple.Another beautiful glowy shade! This is a definite contender for my top 10 purples list! I'm biased because I love purple.But seriously, this is gorgeous!

2 coats

Midnight Mission

This lacquer has successfully killed and buried my lemming for Essie Starry Starry Night!I like this much better! It is a beautiful midnight blue with silver flecks.It's the first colour in this collection that I've worn as a full mani (twice!) and it is so sparkly it's ridiculous! I'm not so good at hiding my favourites huh?

2 coats

I haven't swatched Hotsy Totsy yet but thus far, Cat's Meow is my favourite set.Each colour is so rich and luxurious! My faves are Classic Camel and Midnight Mission.The former for giving me a yellow even I could love,and the latter for killing a very expensive and HTF lemming.That said,every colour is beautiful.China Glaze always brings the heat when it comes to Fall collections.Rodeo Diva  still owns my heart,but Vintage Vixen is a formidable opponent.Nicely Done!

The weather here on the coast has been abysmal.I'll swatch Hotsy Totsy when I have time...and sun.

So which is your favourite?

Ginger-who also enjoyed ChG's Retro Diva collection.It's like they're continually coming up with new ways to take my money!


  1. Midnight Mission is one of my two favorites from this collection - although I liked them all, Midnight Mission and Jitterbug stole my heart! These are all three pretty on you.

  2. I didn't pick any from this side of the spectrum since I think I look best in warm colors. EF is really pretty though.

  3. I simply ADORE these 3 colors, I need to get this collection ASAP!

  4. These are my three favorites. I have to order them. I did have them on order with TransDesign. They cancelled my order because of problems with my credit card. Nice of the bank to NOT call me when they thought some transactions might be fraudulent. They were made by me! They sent my account to the fraud division. In the meantime everthing I ordered online wouldn't go throug. I found this mess out when I called them three times. The second person forgot to email fraud division to release my account. Thankfully the third person had sense. Now I have to place another order. How embarassing to have all of these payments not go through. Thanks for letting me rant! Your nails look beautiful. Can't wait to get these.


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