Tuesday, August 3, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Part I

Just when I think China Glaze has "jumped the shark" they go and release another amazing collection.(I'm such a doofus.China Glaze will never jump the shark) I liked  Poolside,but truth be told,I'm a little bored with neons at the moment.(I love neons and all,but does everyone have to do them every summer? *yawn*) When I saw the initial promo pics for this collection I though,"Oh,Snap! I'm gonna need the whole thing!" So I got them all. I don't normally do "reviews"--I prefer colour commentating.It absolves me from being taken seriously when I say something stupid :P

Anyway, today I'm presenting the warm colours from the Cat's Meow segment of Vintage Vixen.

Classic Camel

This is my unexpected favourite!and probably the most polarizing shade of this collection. It's a beige-yellow with gold flecks.The colour reminds me of honey mustard,or khakis.I'm going to have to renounce my hatred of yellow 'cause this looks great on me!
2 coats

Goin' My Way

Beautiful!!!! This is a rich,velevety chestnut brown with gold shimmer.Ridiculously stunning! I have to admit,I was a little aprehensive when I found out there were frosts in this collection,but my fears were unfounded.They're all gorgeous :)

3 coats

Riveter Rouge

I can hear you all yawning already. "Another red?BORING!" Only, this one isn't.It's a gorgeous light burgundy with silver and red micro-glitter.I have mad love for sparkly reds so this is a very welcome addition to my nail polish family.

2 coats

I am in love with all three,but Classic Camel is my hands-down favourite of this bunch.I don't have anything else like it.(my lifelong hatred of yellow is partly to blame)The formula on these was great,two coats on all except Goin' My Way,simply because I was a little sloppy.(What else is new?)

Part II drops tomorrow.

Do you have any from this collection? If so,which your favourite?

Ginger-who has spent the better part of the evening watching old Dudesons episodes on You Tube.I love that show!


  1. thanks so much for posting CC, i was on the fence about this one. yellow is my favorite color but most neutral shades look horrible on me. thanks to you, i'll give it a go. wish me luck :)

  2. Hmmm I skipped over Classic Camel when I was ordering from that collection cause I thought it would look stupid on me. Now all it took was three pics & some words from you to change my mind - lol thanks for this post!

  3. Holy cow does Classic Camel look great on you! I love that shade and although I don't think it looks quite so good on me I'm gonna rock it. I think it is so fun and I have nothing anywhere near similar.

  4. Classic Camel was made for you!! It looks so lovely and soft on your nails and against your skintone. It's in my wishlist (it's my favorite from the collex): I love those mustard creams, I don't know why. I loved Mac "In the Buff" too.

    "Goin' My Way" has a late 70's vintage feel on you. Totally sexy!!

  5. Just picked up CC yesterday and can't wait to wear it. For whatever reason, it was the only MUST-HAVE of the collection for me. I also picked up Foxy to try. Can't wait to wear them and YES, it CC looks AWESOME on you!

  6. Holy. I KNEW CC would look right on you! It's perfect. It doesn't suit me but I love it anyway. I love the other two as well, Riveter Rouge is SUCH a stunning red - it's in no way boring! I'm always kind of meh about reds but this one got me excited.

  7. Although I SUPER opposed to the color "classic "camel", the color looks great on your hands! Simply gorgeous!

  8. Finally I found someone who looks fantastic in Classic Camel. I like the shade but didn't find it compatible with any one's skin tones. Love, love this on you. The other two are beautiful also. I never yawn when I see red. The reds, vamps and taupes are three that I always want to order. I don't need another but when I see a beautiful photo of them it tough not to order.

  9. Enamel Girl-I think it'll look great on you :)

    Leeblee-LOL! Thank you :)When I heard how much people hated it I thought,"I might as well try it for myself to make sure" I'm glad I could help sway you too!

    l0verlada-Thank you :) If you love it,why not?Half the stuff I wear shouldn't work with my skin tone but I wear it anyway! I'm sure it looks great on you <3

    jellynat-Thank you <3 I know Classic Camel will look great on you! I normally hate yellow,but like you I really love the toned down mustardy versions.I love CC because it's so unique.It's funny,I was also thinking 70's when I was wearing Goin' my Way!What a great eye you have!

    PenelopePitstopKYD-Thank you! CC is one of the best in the entire collection.I'm currently wearing Foxy and I love it as well :)

    Nicole-Thanks sis <3 Cat's Meow is my favourite half of this collex. Mostly because it features 3 of my must haves, red,green,and purple...and blue.(okay,four of my must haves!)I thought CC looked good on you,so wear it proudly :)And I am in love with Riveter Rouge...so much glitter!Can't go wrong with that!

    Jackie S.-Thank you!

    Lucy-Thank you :) Red is a must-have for me because it's so timeless.I'm a vampy girl too.I always buy the vampy in any collection no matter what it is.When I go on another no buy I'm going to have to take a bloggy break...it's too tempting!


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