Friday, August 6, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection Part III

Hello Everyone!
TGIF!!!! I have a vacation in less than a week and I cannot wait! Work has been ridiculously busy so I'm definitely due for a break.I've been going to bed so early my Nana would be ashamed.


I finally got to swatch half of Vintage Vixen's Hotsy Totsy set!

Check them out!

Purple vampy shimmer.
I love Humphrey Bogart,so it's only appropriate that one of the coolest colours in this collection is named for him. It is so "me"! I love the multi-coloured shimmer.It makes a colour that would be flat otherwise completely stand out.
2 coats

Hey Doll
Rosy pink metallic.

I love the name of this one too :) I'm a stockroom supervisor so I spend a good part of my work day signing for deliveries and chatting with truckers. In all the years I've been at my job I have never been referred to by name.It's always "Hey Doll!" (or cutie or sweetie or some other affectionate term) I'm not uptight about it because it's a generational thing.It was OK for men to call a girl honey or doll face back then. Nowadays it's considered un-PC and derogatory.Whatever, as long as they don't call me nasty names,I'm good. Anyway, Hey Doll  is an unexpected love. I fully expected it to be ho-hum and "mom-ish" and it totally surprised me.It's sparkly,feminine and sophisticated...and pink!

2 coats
this picture is closer to the actual colour

Charcoal-grey foil.

This is my hands-down favourite!
I usually prefer gold to silver,but Jitterbug is so blindingly shimmery that I have no choice but to love it!
The colour reminds me of the graphite sticks I use when I'm drawing,but there's some holo-looking shimmer going on as well. And that makes it awesome.

3 coats

As I've said before,Cat's Meow is my favourite set.However,the pretty neutrals and foils of Hotsy Totsy are giving CM some serious competition. I'll make my  final decision when I post part IIII.

Have a wonderful evening!

Ginger-who has just received her Bundle Monster plates.I can't wait to play with them!


  1. The more I see Jitterbug, the more I am loving it. Thank you for these swatches :D

  2. I got Hey Doll and Bogie also. I may try them out this weekend :)

  3. Be-u-t-ful!!!! Awesome swatching. :)

  4. Love this whole collection. I missed this one. Is this brand new? Still hope it's around. Love those shades. I don't know what it is but the older you get you start calling everyone doll, sweetie, etc. I always thought it was strange. Now I do it! I think from hearing it on some TV shows I just picked it up. Better than being referred to as bitches!

  5. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is so offensive about doll, honey, or sweetie. Really. So I guess I'm of the generation that isn't so uptight about it? :)
    Hey Doll surprised the HECK out of me. I did not expect to like it and I love it. I'm not into mauves but it's beautiful!
    Of the whole collection my two favorites were Midnight Mission and Jitterbug. Jitterbug looks AMAZING on you!


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