Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zoya Alegra

This is quite possibly the worst picture I have seen of this...but I'm posting it anyway.(na na na na na!) I didn't have much time for swatching,and I won't be online for the next five days so I checked my backlog for acceptable things to post and this swatch was chosen by default.

Alegra is a brilliant,fuchsia pink glitter. The nail polish market is saturated with colours like this! For every one of a kind gem you get a million variations of pink,red, and coral.For most it's annoying because of the lack of variety,but for me it's kind of comforting.I don't know what I'd do with myself if every single colour was a "one of a kind gem".(I'd probably be broke!) Red and pink are like the plain white tees of the nail polish world,ubiquitous but always classic. The best thing about the popularity of these shades is that you can pass on them when you feel like it.You don't get that with the really cool ones because you always feel as if you've missed out if you don't buy them.

 no flash,indoors ambient light source

My love of pink made Alegra a must-have for me.In spite of the obvious misspelling of the name (and word) "Allegra". (it irks me ,but i'll get over it).
I bought this on ebay,but you can also purchase Zoya for $7 on their website.

Have a Happy Saturday!

Ginger-who isn't feeling well at the worst possible time to be sick.Ugh.


  1. Very pretty! I got this one and Gilda too since I couldn't choose lol. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. it sux that you aren't feeling well right before vacay! I got this color too and I LOVE IT!!!! so perfect in the sun!

  3. Your so right about the "one of a kind gems". I buy too much as it is. It's often hard to stop myself. When I get to the total then I start thinking about the polish I can wait for another time! Hope your evjoying your vacation. Allegra is a lovely shade. A pretty pink for your lovely nails.

  4. Millie-Thank you :) I had a mild stomach flu,but I'm all recovered now.Gilda is also a stunning colour! I bought both for the same reason you did :)

    Aggie Pigeon-Thank you :) It wasn't good for the first 3 days,but I recovered just as it was ending :/ Alegra is gorgeous isn't it? I kept staring at it all day.It's beautiful.

    Lucy-Thank you :)I had to put a limit on the amount of "one of a kind" polishes I buy.I get too distraught when I can't find them any more.


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