Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sparitual Shoot For The Stars

I love aspirationally named make up :) The lacquer I'm showing you today is a rarity in my stash: a creme. I'm proud to admit I love anything that glitters,sparkles and shines, so I really had to get used to the idea of nail polish that doesn't sparkle. At all.  Shimmer dominates in my world, but one thing that this past year of blogging has taught me is to be open to new ideas.Which is why I purchased this colour.

Shoot for the Stars is a medium red-violet creme.It's also my first Sparitual and I must say,I like it a lot! it is opaque in just two coats and super shiny.The formula is fabulous as well and while I'm not fully prepared to toss out all my sparklies just yet, I am willing to make room for some worthy un-sparkly polishes.Plus, it's purple.You can never go wrong with purple!

indoors no flash 2 coats

I must say this week has been kind of great. I finally found Hidden Treasure at the drugstore, (Shopper's Drug Mart for all you Canadian ladies!) I spent yesterday with my Nan, and I'm actually getting a lot of work between sitting at the computer and reading books! Now all I need is for my credit card to be magically paid off and I'll be all set :P

Stop laughing.

Ginger-I attempted to count my stash last night but I panicked and stopped at 520.Oh dear.


  1. that is such a beautiful polish!! Looks lovely on you :D Yay you found HT!!
    Don't talk about how many is in your stash if you could see mind you would pass out. lol!!

  2. My mouth dropped open when I saw this. I haven't even read the text in your post, I'll go back and do so now. That purple is so gorg with your skin!

  3. You know, I have to say I agree with you on cremes. They're pretty, but they're always missing that something else. But there's one fun way to fix that... sparkly topcoat!

    Seriously, either you can use the glitter polishes meant to be used as topcoat, or you can use sheer polishes that take 3-4 coats to build up to opacity as topcoat. I did that with one of the Milani holographic polishes, and was AMAZED at how well it came out! you can see it here, I've got two manicures with the holographic "topcoat":

  4. i am lovin' that purple! it looks so good on you.

    520 nail polishes sounds like a ton to me. i counted my collection the other day and its just a paltry 110- i dont want no more than 200.

  5. I love that shade on you. Very flattering. I know that I also love glitters and shimmers. I rarely wear cremes anymore. Doesn't stop me from buying them and loving them. I don't own any of this brand.

  6. rmcandlelight-Thank you :) I had long give up looking for HT...and then there it was! Ugly hand picture and all.I'm stoked. And I can only imagine how many polishes you have in your stash! At least I'm not alone :D

    ABOP-Haha! Thank you :D I think it would look amazing on you as well!

    Laynie-I agree! I love them,but not as much as my shimmers.Thanks for the link,I'll definitely be checking yours out :)

    augusta-thank you :)I think it's probably wise to stick to the low hundreds.However,that doesn't stop me from collecting more...I wish I had your restraint!

    Lucy-Thank you <3 I find that I really have to feel like wearing cremes...I usually go for shimmers because they're pretty to look at. Still,I have way more than I used to. I think you should definitely check out sparitual.I only have two and I looove them both!


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