Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Year Ago...

Exactly one year ago,I stumbled across my very first nail blog.Oddly enough,it was Polish Addict's not-so favourable review of my all-time favourite polish,OPI La Boheme. To be fair, the author made her preference for cremes very clear, but I was still astounded for two reasons; One-because I had never met anyone who didn't like shimmery nail polish, and Two-because I had never met anyone who was into nail polish.Period.

I thought I was the only one who  couldn't wait for the seasons to change-just to see all the new nail polish colours. The nail tech at the salon I used to frequent not only knew me by name,but picked out the colours she thought I would like and set them aside for me! All the stylists knew me as "that chick with the long nails who always buys OPI."

 I didn't think anyone else had an unnatural affection for nail polish. I remember googling 'nail blogs' and being shocked by how many there actually were. The first one I chose to follow was Polish Mayhem,mostly because of the Fight Club connection. Others soon followed; Body and Soul, Magic Maid,Getcha Nails Did,The Hungry Asian,Scrangie,and Bring On the Bling were the only blogs I was following back then.That list is a lot longer now.

I was so happy to find women who loved nail polish as much as I did that I didn't even think of gaining a following on my own blog.I started with just 3 followers.Then 5. Once I was featured on Brooke's blog it was 8. The mere thought of having 100 followers was unfathomable to me.Still,I was just happy to blog no matter how small the audience was.

Before I discovered the nail blog, I was an OPI-only polish snob. (I know,I know,don't judge me) Blogging has introduced me to many new and exciting brands;China Glaze,BB Couture,Illamasqua,Nubar, to name but a few. I've also added some new terms to my vocabulary; tip-wear,visible nail line,opacity etc... Whenever I talk nails to non-addicts,I sound like a pro.It's kind of awesome.

I don't consider myself a full-on beauty blogger because I don't technically do reviews. I prefer to think of my posts as "colour commentary" (hehehe!) No brands are beating down my door to send me stuff...yet!, and I'm too much of a chicken to approach them. I like the freedom of being a hobby blogger because I can choose to talk about whatever I want. Like vampires :P

I was surprised and humbled by the amount of support I received from other bloggers and I was always honoured when another blogger chose to follow me.(Actually, I still am!) I work in a female-centric workplace, so I know first-hand how quickly women can go from your best friend to your arch-nemesis. I have yet to experience that here.

The most valuable thing I've gained since I began this journey are the friendships I've made.Whenever I'm referring to my fellow bloggers in real life conversation it's always, "My friend Niki",or "My friend Andrea",or "My friend Heather",etc... I count all of you as friends and enablers. You have been there through the good times and the bad,offering words of encouragement,wisdom, and hilarity. I wouldn't be here without you :)

Thank you all for being so amazing!

 And for your viewing pleasure,my very first swatch! Stop laughing.

Ginger-who would love to send a C+D letter to a certain company for ruining a perfectly decent name. *ahem*


  1. Awww! I love you, Ginger. You're a sweetheart and I have loved your blog from the very first time I somehow stumbled upon it - I love your writing style, it's like sitting down and having a cup of coffee with you!
    I do the same thing - most often to my husband of course, but I do it out in public too. And everyone who asks me questions about my polish look at me a tad strangely when I start going on about collections, VNL, base coat, you name it. Haha. At least we all get each other.
    I think you should do a C&D. But no worries, I will never associate you with that other hot mess.

  2. I know what you mean about talking to non nail polish addicts and sounding like a pro. Some people just think I'm weird, other people think its cool and ask me nail advice.

  3. Happy bloggaversary!

    I followed you almost from the beginning. I love your blog, you are so right in the observation that we are all friends here. Maybe it is because we can all be weird together, without getting funny looks.

    I very much share your (and Nicoles) experience about talking to non nail nerds.. poor uneducated people that doesn't understand the true value in life - nail polish! ;-p

  4. That is the sweetest post! I am happy you consider me a friend, and I definitely consider you one too! I still think we should all get together and have a big convention and swap! :)

  5. ((Hugs))
    I consider all of you Ladies (and the few gents) to be my dear friends as well!
    I've met the most amazing people via bloging and I wouldn't trade any of you for even a pristine bottle of 230!

  6. Happy 1st Blog-Birthday! Your post is so sweet and made me laugh (reminds me when I try to talk to my best friend about polishes without sounding "me expert")!

  7. Happy Anniversary! It's been a wonderful year of reading your blog. I enjoy your writing so much. I also love your sense of humor. I'd read your blog even if you didn't show any polish.


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