Sunday, July 4, 2010

Old School:Urban Decay X

Another awesome discontinued brand of polish. I remember Urban Decay well. Mostly because I was a teenager when their polish line was released and I couldn't afford it on my "$20-every-two-weeks" allowance. Once I did get a well-paying job,Urban Decay discontinues all of their nail polish. I was pretty disappointed to say the least.So imagine my surprise when I found this beauty on ebay for a reasonable price.The cumulative cost for 'X' ended up being less than the total cost of an OPI at the salon.Keep in mind that this ships from the UK,and it's no longer being made here.

The polish itself is a beauty.It's a  deep mauve base with coppery-gold iridescence.I really love colours like this! It's work appropriate with a little dazzle.I'd go so far as to say it's a duochrome because it looks totally copper in the sun and mauve in the shade. Absolutely brilliant.
As for the formula? It showed no signs of age.It didn't separate,it wasn't gloppy or thick. The consistency was just right.My only criticism is the brush.There was one stray strand that had to be chopped, but that's a common problem and is easily fixed.

indoors no flash,3 coats

So do you have any old school lemmings? Personally, I still want UD Toxin, and the mythical polish that-shall not-be-named,but I'm pretty sure I'd have to sell an organ to be able to afford it.Or at the very least,have a lobotomy so I can justify spending the amounts they're asking for  on Ebay.We'll see how that goes :P

Happy Sunday!
Ginger-who thinks it's hilarious how my mother keeps insisting that I "throw some polish away" and then turns around and asks me if I have a colour that will match her dress/purse/shoes. This is why I don't throw them away mum!  :P Nail polish neophytes crack me up!


  1. Very pretty!! I was able to snatch Urban decay toxin and ID. I know about that mythical polish I want is so bad, maybe one day :)

    By the way I love your spam on MUA :D

  2. rmcandlelight-Thank you so much :)Toxin and ID?I'm jealous!and that MUA spam is a direct result of me having too much time to think ;)I'm glad you liked it <3

  3. Another extremely beautiful color. Discontinued?!! What a mistake!! I hope you can find the others you are lemming for at a decent price.

  4. I hate that they discontinued these babies. Thanks to Sarah of course I now have two of them,but I want them all! And I want this, just because I have the shadow by the same name and it's just as pretty.

  5. I also love shades like this. I always buy any polish that has that gold look to it. I wonder is there any other polish like this? I love the shade.


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