Saturday, July 17, 2010

Old School:Sally Hansen Prisms Platinum Plum

Ohhh! I wish Sally Hansen still made these!
I think SH were the first company to release an entire line of duochrome/multichrome nail polish,and in my opinion they did them best. I was only a young teen when the first wave of this collection came out and
I quickly purchased every colour I could get my hands on.(including the pearly,uninteresting, "Opal" ones) Platinum Plum was released in the second collection of Prisms, as was Turquoise Opal (a.k.a. the 'it colour') I love multichromal nail polish,and SH prisms are definitely the gold standard.

Platinum Plum is a purple-based shimmer with blue,turquoise,amber,and pink flashes.The two dominant colours,purple and turquoise, are visible in every light.While the pink,amber and blue are only visible if you angle your fingers correctly.I could not stop staring at my nails while wearing this! It is one of the crown jewels in my "old nail polish box." The only drawback? The formula.It goes on smoothly (in spite of being nearly 14 years old),but doesn't dry completely,even with a quick dry top coat. In short, this is a perfect, "I'm lounging-around-the-pool-doing-nothing" lacquer. 'Cause it's definitely not tough enough to withstand any punishment.Who am I kidding? It isn't even tough enough to withstand lotion!

                                                    indoors,indirect sunlight, 3 coats

                                            trying, and failing miserably to show the amber :P
isn't she lovely?

indoors,ambient light to show the blue
Man,I wish I had a back-up!

If this colour is right in your wheelhouse I have some disappointing news: It's been discontinued and falls under the HTF to VHTF category. (i know,i'm mean for giving you a lemming that can never be fulfilled...would chocolate make you feel better? lol!) Occasionally,Prisms turn up on eBay for reasonable prices,or if you happen to live near a Dollar Tree,they've been known to hide out there as well. Prisms might be HTF,but  they're not impossible.

Just so you know,tomorrow's post will be a long-winded,maudlin,saccharine, retrospective of my first year of blogging. I should have written it on Wednesday,but the humidity temporarily zapped my brain. If you're not into that type of thing,there are plenty of other wonderful places you can hang out. You've officially been warned ;)

Have a happy and (hopefully, cool! ) Saturday!

Ginger-It's official: I hate summer. Also, 'right in your wheelhouse?' who am I? Nana? Next I'll be carrying one of those battery-operated fans!


  1. beautiful color! i'm waiting to run across one of them in the dollar store. it's so pretty.

  2. Hello Ginger,what a lovely color even if I can't find it...shame on! Just kidding! I have two Dollar Trees where I live. maybe one of them will eventually get some of these polishes. One can only hope. Hope your doing well,I've got a lot of catching up to do with everyone's blog.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I really love to see the HTF & VHTF polishes. I don't care if I can't buy it. Well I can dream anyway but I still like to see them. I can't buy every polish I see so why not show some I can't buy. That's really gorgeous. I missed all of these. I didn't wear polish for a very long time. Insane, I know. When I started wearing and buying polish again I discovered nail blogs. That really started my addiction. Shame that Sally Hansen doesn't re-release these shades.


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