Saturday, July 31, 2010

NOTW: DS Exclusive

More holographic goodness from OPI!
 This time I chose DS Exclusive as my mani and wore it for the entire weekend.It's a stunning magenta holo,and one of my all-time favourite designer series shades. The thing I love most about this line (other than the gorgeous array of colours) is the formula.I've yet to find one that is difficult to apply,and the fact that it lasted through my painting,sanding,cleaning,and gardening is a bonus. I think I'm gonna need a top 200 to accommodate all of my favourites.

indoors indirect sunlight,2 coats

In other news I found out that Nordstroms doesn't deliver nailpolish to Canada,(HAZMAT and all that jazz...) so no new Lippmanns for me :sadface: I did order the Bundle Monster plates from Amazon,as well as two books (it is my duty as a bibliophile to add to my collection in spite of the hundreds of books in my collection that I've never read-I'm a hoarder and proud of it!) My BPAL order arrived on Friday as well. 
I love everything I ordered,especially O,Sea of Glass,and Detestable Putrescence-it smells like melted vanilla!

My mailman thinks I'm nuts.

So, did I miss anything exciting while I was away? Let me know in the comments :)

Ginger-who spent the entire week in a surrealist dream/nightmare.It was terrible...and awesome at the same time.


  1. MMMMM. Your BPAL order sounds wonderful! And DS Exclusive is such a stunner. Missed you!

  2. I love these designer series OPI's! Stupid Nordstroms, or stupid mail system in Canada, either way it is stupid!

  3. This is so pretty. Sorry you can't get the Lippmann's :(

  4. All of the China Glaze holos are just perfect. They're also all such lovely shades. This one is beautiful.

  5. Nicole-Aww! I missed you too!I'm very quickly becoming addicted to BPAL-they're amazing!

    AggiePigeon-I do too :) I think the Canadian postal service is to blame.They consider nail polish and perfume hazardous materials so they're super-picky about allowing it into the country.Sucky :(

    Shiny!-Thank you :)

    EnamelGirl-I was so disappointed! I might have to call in a favour from my friend Jackie in order to get them.

    Lucy-Thank you :)


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