Friday, July 9, 2010

Lippmann Pop Life

I love how nearly all of Deborah Lippman's lacquers are named after songs! This one rekindled my love for old school Prince.I completely forgot about this song and I don't know why!
 I need to start doing lateral thinking puzzles if I want to keep this mind sharp :)

What was I talking about again?

Right, nail polish. Lippman's website describes it as a 'Punch drunk pink creme'  and I couldn't agree more. I don't have any criticisms.The polish wore well, even during a particularly challenging fight with a dirty frying skillet.(Ginger-1, Skillet-0)
The formula is buttery smooth,I  really like the brush, and the colour is, I love pink! 
 However,my favourite feature of this polish is the bottle.It is so well-designed! It fits easily into my storage containers and it's really pretty. It's funny, Lippmann was always one of those brands I desperately wanted but never could afford. Now that I have the means to purchase them,I've become more price-conscious.(i rarely spend more than $13 an a single bottle)
I only buy these when I want to treat myself because at $16 a pop, (ha!) they're still more than I'm willing to pay on a consistent basis.

two coats indoors no flash
Isn't it lovely?

Of course I had to include its namesake song because I adore it. I love Prince even though he erroneously said that the internet was "over". As if.

Have a Happy Friday!

Ginger-who is not happy about what humidity does to my hair.It looks like a lopsided Afro.


  1. I love this color!
    punch drunk pink.. reminds of that movie as well..
    punch drunk love..?

    sorry about your hair.. :0/ I'm sure it looks cute anyway.

  2. Oh my damn, now that song's gonna be stuck in my head. As soon as I read the title in my dashboard it was all over! Haha.
    This is such a YOU pink, and I love it! I love the bottles too, they're really awesome.
    And I'm lol'ing about the lopsided afro.I'm not really happy about this humidity either, it's killing me. I've got white-girl afro and it ain't pretty.

  3. Pretty-Thanks :) I thought about the movie as soon as I read the description! It was a weird one.

    Nicole-Haha! Sorry about that ;) I freakin' love that song! and thank you <3 Lippmann does have one of the best bottles in the business. We could totally be afro twins with our crazy hair!It's been ridiculously humid here and I hate it.I feel like I'm in a steam-cooker. Ugh.

  4. Really pretty. I want. :)In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

  5. Just a gorgeous shade of pink on you. I don't own this beauty. I hope you saw the code for the Lippmann website. The code is hotjuly for 20% of off I believe $50. I ordered quite a few. I wish the new ones were out.


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