Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Spam

I think July is one of my least favourite months of the year.I know most normal people are celebrating the official beginning of summer and planning their vacations,but in case you hadn't noticed, I am not a normal person. First of all,I can't stand the heat.I have lived through almost 30 years of Canadian winters and I am completely acclimatised to cooler weather.When it's hot out I become a sweaty,frizzy-haired,curmudgeon. Especially if I have to live without air-conditioning,as is the case when I'm at work. I feel as though I've entered the 9th ring of hell whenever I enter the (un-air-conditioned) building.
I can't wait until September.

Enough of my whining.Let's get back to business shall we?

I thought it would be nice to present you with....SPAM!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

A beautiful cornflower blue creme that manages to be both vibrant and serene.My picture definitely washes the colour out a bit.It's much deeper in real life.

3 coats

Sally Hansen InstaDri Sonic Bloom

A dazzling coral-red creme.

Sonic Bloom is one of the brightest reds I have! I did this mani a few weeks ago,when I was really pressed for time.I love this line because of their ease of use,their dry time and their much-maligned brush. (truth be told,I kind of love it!)

2 coats

 Rimmel Steel Grey
Ummm....this isn't grey.It's pretty,but it's not grey. I think it's more of a taupe-mauve and it's a dead on dupe for Sally Hansen Commander in Chic.This lacquer is stunning because of its subtlety.It doesn't command your attention the way a bright or glitter would,but it doesn't fade quietly into the background either.It's a nice,work-appropriate neutral. I don't always like the way taupe looks on me,but the mauve tint makes this one a winner.

BB Couture Ruby Ruin

A deep burgundy with subtle shimmer.This is another colour from BB Couture's Saints of Ruin collection. ( I swatched Ashes here). I wore this because it's classic and elegant with a dash of rebellion mixed in.It's punk without being black. I loves it!

BB Couture Fairytale

A jewel-toned indigo shimmer.It looks slightly duochrome in the bottle,but any flashes of purple disappear once the colour is applied to the nail.However, it still represents both blue and purple beautifully.
 This is also from the Saints of Ruin collection.

3 coats

Zoya Charla

A ridiculously stunning blue-green glitter.(Also the name of contestants on both The Amazing Race and Paradise Hotel-I'm ashamed I still remember that!) What can I say about Charla that hasn't already been said by others? It's lovely,it's beautiful,it's even better than bunnies and kittens.There. I don't think anyone has said that yet :P

So which one of these is your favourite?

Have a wonderful evening!

Ginger-who is past due for a vacation!


  1. I really like Sally Pacific Blue. I just got Zoya Charla not too long ago and I can't wait to wear it!

  2. I'm voting for Ruby Ruin. However, you are dynamite at all the swatches.

  3. i had not put fairytale on my bb wish list but now i think perhaps i should

  4. Fairytale and Ruby Ruin are gorgeous.

    ..........I'm hating our weather right now. We've had storms for the past couple of days :/

  5. ...Steel Grey. I'm weird right? But that looks HOT on you! Next in line would have to be Charla. Really, not gonna lie, you pull all of these off, but for some reason I love that not grey on you.
    And, my sister, the heat: I despise it!

  6. Ruby Ruin for me but you make them all look beautiful.

    Wish I lived in Canada. I visited last year (from England) and loved it. The cold winters would suit me fine. I too hate heat and humidity. When it comes down to it there are many heat-haters out there. Or maybe it's just bloggers?

  7. Ruby Ruin is amazing.I bought the collection but haven't worn any of the polishes yet. That's really gorgeous on you. The Pacific Blue is fantastic also. They all look wonderful on you. I'm not too fond of July or August. I hate hot weather.


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