Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Only Bought This For The Name:Zoya Ginger

You know I just had to get this one right? I'm pretty privileged because I have not one,but two namesake Zoya polishes.Unfortunately for me, Erin is a sparkly beige sheer (sheer is the devil!) and that pretty much guarantees that I'm never going to wear it.Thankfully, Ginger saved the day. It's a beautiful vibrant orange shimmer that goes perfectly with my warm skin tone.I don't remember exactly when this was released,but it looks like it was tailor-made for the spring/summer season.It's brilliant but not obnoxious.I couldn't think of a better colour to attach this name to.

This Ginger approves :)

three coats indoors no flash
Zoya formula is fantastic and they do wear pretty well on me, so the only complaint I have is that they don't ship here.That sucks.

So how has everyone been? I spent my Canada Day chilling with family and friends,sitting at the computer, and talking pedicures with my three year-old niece.She made it a point to rush over to me,take off her shoes,and show me her painted toes.She was quite pleased when I complimented her on them.I've said it before,and I'll say it again, her eventual make-up addiction is all my fault.

I love being an enabler ;)

Happy Saturday!
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  1. Beautiful shade on you. I have lots of this type of shade but rarely wear them. I love how it looks with your skintone. Very pretty. My namesake polish is so darn light and sheer! I was so disappointed but bought it anyway. You just continue on with what your doing. Love your blog.

  2. this is so pretty on you! I got Ginger myself cause I'm a red-head and my hubby likes to make jokes all the time for me being a 'ginger'. =) So I also feel that i have a special bond with this pretty color!


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