Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BB Couture Ashes

Hello All!
As most of you know,I don't follow colour seasons...ever.I prefer to wear whatever makes me happy at the moment,even if it means rocking neon pink in the dead of winter. Anyway, when I found out that BB Couture was releasing a collection of darks for summer I was all over it. I love dark nail polish! Today's random swatch is Ashes.One of my favourite colours from BB Couture's Saints of Ruin collection. I love it because it is so unique! The base is a blackish-brown,packed with multi-coloured shimmer.It's a bit of a chameleon as well,changing from brown,to green, to purple depending on the light. I love it :)
As usual I have nothing bad to say about BB Couture. The formula was great, the polish dried fairly quick, and it reached opacity in 2 coats (I was a little sloppy with the application so I had to do a third to even it out.) The entire collection is a definite win for me.

indoors no flash 3 coats

this one shows some green on the sides

ooh, glowy!

another pic from an indirect light source.

BB Couture can be purchase here for $9.00 each.

I spent the day with my Nan and had a lot of fun. I love the fact that,at the tender age of 81, my Nan has decided that it's best to say whatever she wants without censoring herself.It makes for a lot of interesting and hilarious observations. I guess that's who I inherited my smart-a$$ gene from ;)

Have a wonderful day!
Ginger-who is rethinking her no-buy.The Vintage Vixen collection is coming out soon.


  1. Looks fabulous on you. Very much your colour.

  2. Fabulous color on you and I love its versatility. I really need to find me some BB Couture lacquers. I don't own a one! where do you find them?

  3. Oh, that is really pretty and it looks devine on you :D You are making me have sooo many lemmings. lol!

  4. jaljen-Thank you :)

    Lacquerware-I buy them from www.overallbeauty.com-they have awesome customer service!

    rmcandlelight-haha! Thank you :) I swear it's not intentional! Ok...maybe a little ;)

  5. ooOoo... I love this color! you sold it very well.. I'm getting me one! =).. the problem is I dunno where to get BB Couture in the US.. do you?? can u pls let me know where u got this?? thanks for your help

  6. AnNeTtEe- Thank you :) It can be ordered from wto different websites www.bbnailpolish.com and www.overallbeauty.com As far as I know BB only ships to the US, and Overall Beauty ships internationally.
    Hope this helps :)

  7. Ooh,Erin this is so pretty on you! I love this. I obviously don't follow color rules either but I can't deny that I love to wear my neons in the summer - I start craving them early in the spring and that's pretty much all I wear on my toes all summer long!
    But of course, a good vampy is perfectly suited any time of the year. ;)
    And I'm glad you had a good time - my Gram was VERY outspoken and I always had the most hysterical conversations with her. She swore like a trucker, too. I wonder where I got that and my brutal honesty from? Haha, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

  8. This is beautiful. I don't own any BB's yet but you make me want to buy some.

  9. this is a cute collor on you. hehe and you grammy sounds so funny..When I'm that age.. I hope I'm like that hehe.

  10. How fun to be around someone like your Nan. My best friends Mother is 95 and she's always been like that. She used to be a Sherrif's Office so she really knows how to cuss! When we were teenagers and went out with her for lunch, OMG! She'd forget herself and come out with four letter words and all kinds of stories. She's very amusing and everyone is crazy about her. Made for some fun and embarassing times. I bought this collection and am glad to see it swatched. Love this shade on you. I also don't find a bad thing about BB Couture. Well the bad thing is I love them and want everything!

  11. Nicole-Thank you :)I love neon toes!they're perfect for sandals. I think vampies are classic,and therefore great for every season. I love feisty grandmas! It sounds like your Nan and my Nan would have gotten along famously.Good trees produce good apples after all ;) I'm all about brutal honesty it's definitely an admirable trait.

    Enamel Girl-What are you waiting for? Do it!

    Pretty-lol! Same here :) Makes life more interesting.

    Jackie S-Thank you!

    Lucy-I love that! My nan has the same problem.She says a lot of really inappropriate and hilarious things but it's awesome.I'm glad she hasn't lost her edge.Your best friend's mom sounds like a hoot! I agree with you about BB Couture...I want everything! They always release the best and most unique colours.


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