Saturday, June 19, 2010

NOTD: Midnight Malibu

I love this colour.It's the most glorious blue-purple glitter I've ever seen.The fact that it dries gritty doesn't affect how I feel about it at all.It looks like a starry sky on my nails and I can't stop staring at them.Which is why I don't wear it to work any more :)

I decided to pull this out today because I haven't worn it in months.I almost forgot how pretty it was...and then I painted it on and became mesmerized all over again. For colour selection and originality,BB Couture is one of the best.

three coats indoors no flash

In other news,I chose a winner for my giveaway today, which is another reason why I pulled out this colour.She's already been notified, but I won't post who she is until I receive a reply.I think I'll keep it simple the next time I decide to do one of these because gathering all the entries together was a nightmare!

Well,I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday/Sunday.I might take in some World Cup action...if I can get past the sound of the vuvuzelas :P

xoxo Ginger-who thinks that Canada should introduce South Africa to the cowbell ;)


  1. Gorgeous shade on you. I love everything about BB Couture. I just ordered some more polish from Your nails are just so darn pretty.

  2. Crap, I need this, I ...I...I...don't know what else to say, I need this color! GORGEOUS!


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