Thursday, June 10, 2010

Misa Glimmering Mauve

Hello All!
Today I have yet another polish that Moody helped me pick out. (He is so talented.) This time it's a discontinued shade from Misa Glimmering Mauve.It would be another ho-hum mauve-pink if it wasn't for the flash of iridescent blue.It was so pretty and delicate that I didn't want to take it off.
Moody actually talked me into buying this one.I was originally going to buy another bottle of Toxic Seduction,when Moody asked "Why would you buy that colour if you already have it?" I tried explaining the wonderful world of nail polish back-ups,not-to mention saving colours you really like, but Moody kept saying,"I don't get it."Oh,boys.
He insisted I buy the pink one because "Pink looks better on you anyway."

Thanks a lot kid :)

here it is indoors no flash-I'm experimenting with light angles and my skylight offers a pretty decent one :)

indirect sunlight (see the blue flash?)

                                                   it looks kind of "meh" indoors with flash,which is why i recommend it for a 
                                                    more business-like workplace.

I personally love everything about Misa,and wish they'd release more collections.So I can buy them all.
What do you think?

Ginger-who promised to by Moody some nail polish for men...if he stops biting his nails!


  1. Nice colour. I like the subtle flah of blue.

    So there ARE men who paint their nails with another colour than clear nail polish?
    Never seen it before...

  2. That's a great idea to buy Moody a men's polish if he stops biting his nails! Hope he tries hard to stop. It is a disguisting habit. I used to do it till a family friend's Grandfather showed me his nails. They were bitten to an inch of their lives! Gross, swollen and bloody looking. I never bit my nails again. He talked to me about biting my nails and was really sweet to me. He also told me they got infected. I love Misa polishes and also wish they'd have more collections. Also some wilder shades. I was also checking out my Misa's this morning and I picked up Ghetto Fabulous and Toxic Seduction. They're my two favorites by Misa.


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